Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: LEO reader's choice awards

on Thursday, a day after the winner's were announced, the annul LEO Reader's choice Awards were held at the Kentucky Center For The Arts.
we went last year, our first year, we didn't win anything, but we got an invite so we thought maybe we had, so we bought new suits and dresses. but like this year, they announced the winners a day before the Awards Ceremony, so their wasn't any big surprise. they didn't get up on stage and do the whole "and the winner for best place to get arrested is..." anyway. it was not what we expected, not what you would think an awards ceremony would be. it was more like a county fair, the winners had booths and gave away samples, and one of the "best cover Band" winners played. but, it was kinda fun, they had acrobats flipping from the ceiling, and a really nice gift bag (the bag it's self was a vinyl tote). but as far as i could tell the acrobats were not a winner of a category, but it was nice. and honestly, we had fun. so went again this Year. it was mostly the same, food winners giving away samples, and liquor reps giving away lots of booze, and again "best cover band" played. but as far as i could tell, that was the only entertainment. no flying acrobats. and we didn't get gift bags..
when we walked in, *NSYNC's 'bye bye bye' was playing on the PA. i was a little shocked at first, but maybe if they had that 30 foot tall girl from the video puppeteering it would have been amusing (if you have no idea what i'm talking about, watch the video for Bye Bye Bye..) but the music selection didn't improve. outside Rocktimus Prime, the reader's 3rd best pick for best cover band were playing. if their name tells you at what age they were born, it should tell you what their song selections were, early 90's college rock.
more than one person said, 'why didn't they ask some of the original bands to play?' i wondered this myself, and why 90 percent of this party was just restaurant winner's handing out samples?
the answer is in the LEO Reader's Choice categories: there are 79 categories for dinning and nightlife (bars and restaurants) and only 27 for Arts and Entertainment. 50 less!
i'm not saying they should cut down the food and drink section, louisville loves to get drunk and eat out (he he), but the Leo isn't just a dinning guide, and Louisville is famous for it's music and entertainment, so why is the Arts and Entertainment section so small?
instead of Best Annual Festival (Kentucky Derby wins every time, and it also wins "best excuse to leave town''.. which means just as many people don't think the Derby is the best fest.) why not open it up some. we have so many annual fests in this town, why not have several categories, like: best neighborhood annual (highlands fest, nulu fest, shotgun fest, etc...), best non music annual (lebowskifest, Zombie Attack, Germantown fest, etc), most original(Caufield's halloween parade, Motherlodge, etc), most family friendly, most family unfriendly, etc...
and for a music town, why is their only 7 musical group categories.. we have such a large pool of musical talent, that spans more than Country/Western, Rock, Cover, hip-hop, and solo... i could go on for days with this..
so, 37 Flood nor Zombie Attack made it in anywhere. but that's not why we do these things. but it does make me wonder, it seems like the ballet is filled with 'best place to get a hair cut, oil change, urinate in public...' and i guess those are important, but does it really represent what we actually enjoy and are proud of in our town? yes we are proud of the kentucky Derby, and the Speed Art Museum, but what would you really tell an out of town guest about Louisville? 4th Street Live? The Best Dry Cleaners? i'd like to see a reworked ballet... this town is filled with music fests and off beat annuals that are never mentioned, as well as alternative magazines, blogs, venues, creative types... but only the mega big events/places are named, and it's the same every time..
Don't get me wrong, i am glad the Leo let's us vote and be proud of our town, but i think there are a lot more props to be had, more pride for our town, and more space on the ballot.

'vote Lemon for God!' Beargrass Christian Church, Shelbyville RD. 9/21/10

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