Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The UnFair begins Friday Morning

The UNFAIR is an annual art fair located in the backyard of the MAG BAR in Louisville, Ky. on the first weekend of October. It was started by Paul Harshaw and Greg Edwards in response to The St. James Art Fair turning to corporate craft crap and traveling artists/craftsmen who have no connection to Louisville. 13 years strong The UNFAIR hopes to continue to be beacon of local artists for years to come.

Last year, there was a little drama surrounding the event. There are still a lot of people who didn't know that the UNFAIR was up and running in the afternoon of that first Friday and sold all weekend. Many artists had to drop out because they couldn't afford the permits and licenses but the majority of regular artists were able to get up and running.

So this year the UNFAIR is trying to overcome the perception that it doesn't exist any more.

There will be 20 plus, very sleepy artists at 2nd & Magnolia behind the Mag Bar Friday morning after working late to put the finishing touches on a final masterpiece.


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Maggie Mae said...

I like that pic! : )