Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Best releases of 1st half of 2011

for awhile I have been thinking about a 'best of the first part of 2011 releases' post, and now that we are sliding into the second half, I guess it's time to start looking back at 1ST HALF OF 2011 BEST RELEASES! 
Some of my favorite albums this year are remixes for some reason (Gayngs & Wugazi), and the good news is remix albums are usually free these days (and we give you the links)! and, no surprise, my favorite releases of 2011 are local releases, I think some of our local albums are blowing national releases out of the water... The Deloreans, Soft Cheque, and Fervor albums are must haves!

Best National Releases:

Gayngs 'Affiliyated"  3/12 FREE DOWNLOAD

Wugazi '13 Chambers' LP 6/13 FREE DOWNLOAD

Bon Iver 'bon iver' LP 6/21

We can't have a BEST OF list without a  Best Of Local Releases:

(and Lucky Pineapple gave out a CD of all new music at their last show, if you can find it, it's well worth having)

Best Local 7" Releases:

Lucky Pineapple/Prizzy Prizzy Please 'Yellow Belt' split 7" 4/1

share with us your Best Of lists in a comment below 

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