Monday, June 27, 2016

Interview: Clownvis 'The King of Clowns'

The Legendary showman Clownvis Presley brings his show stopping antics to Zanzabar Thursday June 30th. We were able to speak to him for an exclusive interview from his headquarters in St. Louis Mo. about Independence Day, Jesus, Santa, on becoming a Human Cannonball, and his secret to keeping the ladies happy (it's cotton candy). 

Clownvis the human cannonball July 4th 2014
37: Since your start more than 5 years ago, you have done slews of holiday specials and shows including Christmas Specials and television appearances as well as your own show Clownvis Time! You are also known for your July 4th extravaganzas including a special event in Saint Louis where you were shot out of a cannon at the Atomic Cowboy in 2014. Is it safe to say Independence Day is one of your most favorite holidays and do you have anything special planned for your Independence weekend show at Zanzabar?

CP: 4th of July is by far my favorite holiday, along with Christmas, which is by far my favorite holiday. And Halloween and Valentines Day are also by far my favorite holidays. I guess I just have a lot of favorite far. But to answer your question, yes, I have special things planned for the Zanzabar show. We will celebrate Mother America and suckle on her nurturing teet. 

37: This will be your 3rd time in Louisville since your first show at Zanzabar on March 6th 2016 opening for Rob Crow. This time you are headlining the bill. What do you account for your rapid rise in popularity in Kentucky?

CP: Clownvis goes well with race horses and bourbon. 

37: The Clownvis Mafia includes a wide range of characters including manager Narvel P. Tuffnuts, sidekick Duke Karate, DJ Weenie D (personal DJ and pet dog) security guards Stanley Suede and Bruce Bagwell as well as  others including Clownapatra. Any chance we will see any of the infamous entourage at Zanzabr next week?

CP: Narvel tour manages most of my road shows, so he will be there. Bruce and Stanley are out in Hollyweird working as stuntmen in motion pictures. I'd love to take everybody on the road, but I don't like all that stuff that comes out of my budget like hotel rooms and Waffle House for a dozen people. So, me and Narv get the job done. 
Narvel P. Tuffnuts (in trademark glasses) with friend.

37: What is it exactly that makes you like catnip to women, and also if it is some sort of lotion, potion, or fragrance can you bring some to Louisville with you?

CP: I wear cotton candy body spray. 

37: It is a scientific fact that 5000 years ago Santa was walking around the North Pole when he came across the baby Jesus. He gave him a chicken wing and said "C'mon Baby" and they went and wrote the bible together. How do you incorporate these religious facts in your daily life as well as your live performances? 

CP: Jesus is my homeboy. Amen. 

Clownvis Will Be at Zanzabar Thurs June 30th
with Howell Dawdy and The Winger Brothers
Read our review of Clownvis' last show at Zanzabar here.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

6/30 Clownvis, Howell Dawdy, and the Winger Brothers @ Zanzabar

Clownvis, the King of Clowns, will be making an appearance at Zanzabar on Thursday June 30th, with Howell Dawdy, and The Winger Brothers. This is an amazing line-up and has the 37FLOOD seal of approval. Read our review of Clownvis' last performance at Zanzabar here

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Preview: We Have A Matt Bevin Problem compilation out 6/22

There has been much buzz around the forthcoming compilation of original protest songs by Kentucky musicians (the organizers wish to remain anonymous) called 'We Have A Matt Bevin Problem.' Set for release June 22nd, 40 of the 43 tracks on the album have just been added to bandcamp for previewing (and attached below here)  including works by IamIs, The Gallery Singers, The Hot Wires, and many many more. Many of the tracks were recorded pro bono at La La Land, and 100% of the the sales ($10ea) of this 43 track download go to benefit Planned Parenthood of Kentuckiana.

Friday, June 17, 2016

7/2 IamIs LP release show at Kaiju with Cut Family Foundation

Local rock duo IamIs will be releasing their 3rd LP, Go Supernovae!, on July 2nd at their album release show with Cut Family Foundation at Kaiju.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

7/8-10 Poorcastle at APOCALYPSE (and FREE TIX)

Poorcastle, the local music alternative to the regional festival Forecastle (the following weekend) will take place at Apocalypse Brew Works July 8-10 with over 30 local acts over 3 days.
The price is an extremely reasonable $5 a day, but anyone who purchases a CD/LP/Cassette at Guestroom Records of any band playing at Poorcastle will receive a FREE day pass (for the day that band is playing). Proceeds of Poorcastle go to Crescent Hill Radio 100.9FM.
Bands include Sick Velvet, Tall Squares, Dream Eye Color Wheel, Satellite Twin, others.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Louisville Is For Lovers release: 15 Years of The Gallery Singers

Louisville Is For Lovers announced their 30th release, as part of their 15 year anniversary, From The Galley To The Gallows: 15 Years of The Gallery Singers, is now available on their site. Its a 25 track digital album chronicling 15 years of the Gallery Singers At The Electric Church Of The Tambourine and Includes performances by Kevin Ratterman (Twin Limb), Dom Cipolla (Phantom Family Halo), Carrie Neumayer(Julie Of The Wolves), Jeremy Irvin (Second Story Man), Nick & Regan Laymen (Black Birds Of Paradise), Chris Renn (The Kilowatthours), Two Tone Tommy & Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket), Shawna & Jason (IamIs), Shadwick Wilde (Quiet Hollers).

Monday, May 16, 2016

5/25 The Gallery Singers & Big Mama Thorazine @ Haymarket FREE

The Gallery Singers At The Electric Church Of The Tambourine and Big Momma Thorazine will be playing on Wednesday May 25th at Haymarket Whiskey Bar. It is the 2nd in a new monthly series called Turkey Trot, sponsored by Wild Turkey, in which 2 bands play for FREE. The first was last month with Bungalow Betty.
Also included in this month's event is a FREE album download by The Gallery Singers in honor of Louisville Is For Lovers 15th Anniversary.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

5/13-14 Lower Town Arts & Music Festival (Paducah)

This weekend May 13-14 will be the Lower Town Arts & Music Festival in Paducah, KY featuring Ben Sollee, Diane Coffee, Vandaver, and many others including the Paducah Symphony Orchestra, and it is FREE to the public. More info here.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Review: Robbie Fulks at The New Vintage

By: Spooky Fitzgerald

We caught Fulks at the New Vintage in Louisville, KY, where he played an intimate set early and without an opening band. A woman seated in the front knew all the words, even the ones from his new album, Upland Stories. Though Fulks is a "Chicago-area alt-country genius," to quote Tina Fey, for this event, Fulks was accompanied by several Tennesseans-- including the bassist Todd Phillips and fiddler Shad Cobb, who both played on the Albini-produced record. 

The set began with Never Come Home, a new song relating the narrative of a man displaced from his recollected place back home with his family, who ruminates on the animosity encountered there. The album, described by NPR as "mongrel", does go lighter. "Try Leaving" was jokey, listing all the things a woman had tried to change him that did not include finally going away. Another that got a good crowd response was "Baby Rocked her Dolly," originally written by Merle Kilgore. Perhaps to keep an even keel, Fulks chose not to perform the high lonesome "America is a Hard Religion," which is a shame.

Fulks seemed to be a considerate showman, making space for each player to elaborate and play apart. Steel guitarist Pete Finney got some special acknowledgement and gave a shout out to his lovely partner Carol, who came in from Nashville with him. As a whole, the band seemed to have weathered their earlier performance for WFPK's Live Lunch admirably. Fulks worked his own merchandise booth, and stayed to visit with attendees, one of whom had him sign her copy.

Monday, April 25, 2016

4/29 Robbie Fulks @ New Vintage

On Friday 4/29 Robbie Fulks will be at the  New Vintage  supporting his new album Upland Stories,  just out on 4/1, recorded by Chicago's Steve Albini.

 8 pm show | $20