Friday, January 4, 2008

NYE Extravaganza Review

Last Monday Wax Fang joined forces with the Danny Glover Cover Band at the Pour Haus for a New Years Eve extravaganza. The Fang did as they promised and didn't play a single original song, instead, they gave us great covers of "ABC" by the Jackson 5, "Nothing but a G Thing" by Dr. Dre, "Careless Whisper" by George Michael and "Sabatoge" by Beastie Boys to name a few.
As the night progressed, the band went from tuxes to t-shirts to bare chests as you'll see in the photos below. I had a little difficulty with my MiniDisc recorder as it failed to recored onto the second disc I put in, but I did manage to get a decent recording of the first hour or so.

I have posted the recording to the archive so you can stream it by clicking the play button below or right click to "save as" for future listening. Enjoy!

Wax Glover Motherfucker NYE performance [first hour]


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