Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Backseat Sandbar's Birthday Show

Backseat Sandbar is celebrating their first Birthday this Saturday with a free show over at the Pour Haus in Germantown. Cory and Nick have been working hard informing folks around the city of local art and music events for nearly a year now and they have reason to celebrate, congratulations guys!

details straight from Backseat Sandbar...

Backseat Sandbar turns 1 on May 23rd & we’re having a little party to celebrate. For the occasion, The Zero Element, Skyscraper Stereo, The Instruction, and DJ duo Azns n Bnzs are going to play at The Pour Haus. The show is meant to provide a cross section of the Louisville Music scene genre-wise, and we specifically chose each band as the embodiment of this scene…whether you’ve heard of any or all of these guys or not….

For the evening, the already incredibly cheap drinks are going to be even cheaper at $1.25 PBR & $3.25 well drinks. The Instruction is going to head on stage first right at 9. I know its the first band an all….but we only chose bands we really liked and you’d be missing out by coming late. These guys recently won a local “Battle of the Bands” at Headliners. When we met them & received their CD, we were instantly hooked. We reviewed it HERE. Everyone we’ve played the album for asks if it is Matt Berninger of The National singing. Interested? After that, we’ve got The Zero Element. The Zero Element just got two forms of shoutout from People Noise. The first was in our Take 5 series, when Zeke answered that The Zero Element was one of his favorite Louisville bands, and the second was asking them to open last Friday’s show at The Pink Door. Next up is local hip hop heads Skyscraper Stereo who rap about more than guns and drugs, and are known to occasionally do it over 8-bit beats. Lastly, our good friends Azns n Bnzs, whose last show we promoted was the incredible Clay Buffett in March, where they performed alongside Skyscraper Stereo. Cheap drinks, good music, good venue, and free admission should make for an all-around awesome night…

For an idea of how far we’ve come…our first post on May 23rd, 2007 was a youtube video about a talented beer pong player. Louisville has embraced Backseat Sandbar far more than we ever anticipated & we intend to keep going strong….going to more and more shows and doing more and more concert reviews, and bringing all the information that you actually care about to one spot.

We hope to see all of you kids out at The Pour Haus on May 23rd…in the meantime, have a sampling of the talent…

Zero Element- XOR
Skyscraper Stereo- 1up
The Instruction- Hello Darlin’
Azns n Bnzs- Lately Misunderstood

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