Monday, August 18, 2008

Jacket on the Waterfront

When I first heard that My Morning Jacket would be playing Waterfront Park I was elated. This is obviously the best pace for them to play a summer show in town and is a match made in heaven. Nestled between our cities two town downtown bridges, the park provides and epic backdrop.

Normally when I have 5 months to be excited about something, I will build it up in my head to be much greater than could be possible and then I am usually let down because of it. This show surpassed anything my imagination could have imagined in its wildest most creative state. Jim James is the Micheal Phelps of rock. The only people they are really competing against are themselves. How they each top themselves each time out is beyond amazing. This was an Olympic Record, World Record, Gold Medal performance.

Nothing could have ruined this night. Not almost pissing myself waiting in the slowest bathroom line ever. Not the joke of a beer line that was so long you couldn't tell where it stopped and the crowed started. Not even finding out that MMJ had just canceled their Las Vegas show, which I had purchased tickets/airfare and hotel days earlier. None of these things could even put a dent in the fortress of awesome that this show was.

This concert was not just heard but felt by the 10k plus on the waterfront. I feel extremely lucky to have been there and share it with the thousands of people I don't know and the few that I did. Words can never really do it justice but I think Jim summed it up pretty nicely (and echoed what everyone was feeling) when he stepped up to the mic during the encore and said these two words: "Holy Shit!".

Where to Begin - 8/16/08 Waterfront Park
Cobra - 8/16/08 Waterfront Park
Dondante - 8/16/08 Waterfront Park

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Jason said...

Nice shots, in the crowd picture I spotted two buddies I was with.

KC said...

If you look closer you may also be able to spot:
Pete Rose, Yoko Ono, The Pope, Your Mom, Anton Apollo Ono, The entire cast of Big Mamma's House, 3 Blind Mice, 3 Wise Men, The Three Musketeers, The Three Amigos, Morgan Freeman, Mark Walburg, Scooby Doo, Ozzy, The Hoff, Star Jones, Ron Popiel, Billy Mays, Chuck Norris, Wesley Snipes, Steve Jobs, The Great Wall Of China, CCR.

Note: Waldo (not pictured, off camera)