Thursday, September 11, 2008

Upcoming Bowie tribute album

God damn! John King is at it again working hard on a David Bowie tribute album of Louisville artists recreating "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars." Check the bottom of this post to see the track listing and contributing artists.

The disc is in the process of being mixed by compilation master John King and Kevin Ratterman down at the Funeral Home and is anticipated to be available for pre-order October 1st and released December 2nd. If it's anything like the amazing "Louisville Babylon" series released last year, it's going to be hard to wait until December to give it a spin.

The Louisville is for Lovers site is also offering great deals for those that have missed out on previous versions of the series or the Louisville Babylon series. If you buy 2 cds you get a 3rd for free and if you buy 4 cds you get 2 free! John is also offering the "Instant Audiophile" package which includes all available louisville is for lovers volumes 3,4,5,7, & 8 as well as both misfits covers records, louisville babylon 1994 and 2007 for a mere $45 (a $70 value!) Support this wonderful series of historic recordings and go get your cds now!

From the Louisville is for Lovers website...

we are incredibly honored to release the announcement of our newest project: t.r.a.f.o.z.s.a.t.s.f.m. a ziggy stardust tribute. as the newest edition in our ”louisville is for covers” series, t.r.a.f.o.z.s.a.t.s.f.m. is a reproduction of the david bowie classic, the rise and fall of ziggy stardust and the spiders from mars, from start to finish by Louisville’s favorite bands, including: wax fang, the slow break, iamis, six white horses, the gallery singers, and many more. trafozsatsm is set to be released Dec. 2nd. we will have tracks up and pre-orders available by October 1st. for complete track listings and further information please visit the trafozsatsfm page in the ‘covers series‘ section.

1.five years-joe manning
2.soul love-the slow break
3.moonage daydream-the gallery singers
4.starman-six white horses ain’t easy-trophy wives
6.lady stardust-whistle peak
8.hang on to yourself-
guest performance t.b.a.
9.ziggy stardust-black keruac
10.suffergette city-wax fang
11.rock n’ roll suicide- guest performance t.b.a.
12.All the Young Dudes-the crooked old world
13.Space Oddity-tamara dearing
14.Cracked Actor -the ladybirds

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