Sunday, March 8, 2009

Louisville is for Lovers v9 Vinyl offering...

John King has his supply of Volume 9 vinyl up on the Louisville is for Lovers website for a mere $12!?! This is a limited pressing of only 500 double LPs in a beautiful pink marble so get it while it's hot! With artist like Lucky Pineapple, Bonnie Prince Billy, Whistle Peak, Deer Meet, The Deloreans, Sand Paper Dolls, The Fervor (and the list goes on) how can you go wrong!

If you haven't picked up your CD copy of v9, here's the perfect way to have your cake (vinyl) and eat it too (ipod)... John's including a coupon for a free download of the digital files with the purchase of the vinyl. Spin that vinyl at a comfortable 33rpms and go burn your own CDs!

Buy the vinyl or CD or any of the various other volumes of the comp here.

Now have some tracks I recorded from the Louisville is for Lovers showcases the week of Valentine's Day...

The Sand Paper Dolls - Unknown song name [2.11.09 The Lounge]
Paul McGee - Minnesota Fair [2.11.09 The Lounge]
Jeremy Irvin - Unknown song name [2.11.09 The Lounge]
Teneia Sanders - One More Time [2.13.09 Ear X-tacy]
The Fervor - Unknown song name [2.13.09 Ear X-tacy]
The Deloreans - Demons [2.14.09 Skull Alley]

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