Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bob Mould Band Review

         When the Bob Mould Band took the Boom Stage, it was easy to tell that members of the audience had been with the frontman since the years of Husker Du, through the pop-fueled days of Sugar, and past the ’08 release of District Line and 2009's Life and Times. The band pounded through the first half of the set with the stamina of a teenager, pounding through track after track before apologizing openly to Louisville for his eight year absence.
         As if Mould’s own punk/indie rock reputation weren’t enough, joining him on stage to make the band complete were Jon Wurster and Jason Narducy, rhythm section of Superchunk, working with him to make one of the closest knit three piece bands around. Wurster showed his punk chops have not been lost over the past few years joining Anti-folk band The Mountain Goats on stage. Mould remarked that the band had been together for five years, nearing the mark set by Husker Du for the longest time Mould has ever spent with a single band. It was obvious why they’ve stayed with each other.

Their stage presence was full of energy as the aged punk rocker was well aware of the loyal fan base in front of him. However, the band’s setlist consisted mainly of tracks from their new release, Silver Age. Overall the Bob Mould band put on a fantastic performance, but the overflow of current material in the sea that is the frontman’s catalogue led me to believe that they were selling something.

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