Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Review: IamIs & Tamara Dearing Split 7"

Gubbey Records released Vol. 3 of its Split Series on Saturday. The single features IamIs' song "Paperface" and Tamara Dearing's "Break Your Heart" on a vinyl only release with a download card including five bonus tracks. Not to mention the fact that it's on bubblegum pink vinyl as a tribute to the single's "sugary sweet sound."

The first track of this release that Gubbey Records calls a "little honeycomb", is a psychedelic pop ballad brought to you to by two prominent contributors of the Slow Break and the Cut Family Foundation: Shawna Dellecave and Jason Cox. The duo wastes no time leaping headlong into this organ and humbucker fueled drive down a summer country road, lyrically climaxing with the lines: "you gotta' shake hands naturally/ sell yourself, that's the key/ you're a brand, that's all."

Tamara Dearing knows how to use a Wurlitzer, and for proof of this, look no further than the B side of this hot pink piece of wax in your hands. You must have an awesome record collection. On "Break Your Heart," Dearing's keyboards and lyrics sing like a doo-wop outfit while her drums groove like feel-good gangster rap, proclaiming "these are the records I play when I can't stand up straight."

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