Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Burgoo Fest & Highview Fest Oct.12th

If you ever needed an excuse to head out to Outer Loop, we have 2 for you, and they are on the same day, Saturday Oct.12th.
The first is the Highview Fest in the Outer Loop Plaza parking lot (Valumarket) at 7505 Outer Loop, with a parade from 11am-4pm. I went to this in 2010 and had a lot of fun. It's what a small town fair should be like; game booths, kiddie rides, and cotton candy. my mom and I rode a rickety roller coaster and she had to ask the guy to stop it because I was terrified. it was funny, and fun. and this little kid totally cleaned up at the Shootin' Hoops game and left with all the top prizes.
The second fest is on the same day just down the road at the Fern Creek United Methodist Church (6727 Bardstown Rd) and is the Burgoo Festival. That should be enough for anyone who has ever had Burgoo before, but there will also be a white elephant, as well as Jeff Gardner; the captain of the U of L baseball team.  10am-4pm.
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(I literally could find nothing online about this fest,
  this was the closest pic i came across)

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