Thursday, April 17, 2014

Free Music for your Summer Soundtrack

The weather is changing, you are cutting your pants into jean shorts, and  you are almost ready for that summer road trip. all you need now is a soundtrack for your summer fun, and we got you covered! here is a list of some absolutely free downloads to get your summer jam started  right.

Basement Up + Jay Elly - The Get Back (2014)
The Basement Up crew from Lexington Ky has doing doing some fine work lately, including a FREE EP from nov. 2013 (Who They Thought We Were, find it here), and a brand new track released just this week called The Get Back (grab it here) with Jay Elly. their website boasts "In an over saturated art form we are increasingly mindful of quality." Hopefully you will agree.

Chance The Rapper - Acid Rap (2013)
37FLOOD writer Logan Nichols told me about this album "it's the future of Hip Hop" I don't know about that but it is a damn uplifting album, and has recently hit certified platinum. If you are one of the few that hasn't grabbed this free album do it now.

It’s easy to dismiss DMX due to his off stage antics, and let’s face it; his personal life has exceeded  R. Kelly proportions.  In 2013 alone he has been arrested 5 times for really stupid things and is currently in a mental institution. But we can’t forget his first 5 albums hit like a brick before his tour of correctional facilities. And even now, exiled in South Carolina, and in between incoherent video diary rants, he is still slaying tracks. In 2012 he released 2 hard hitting LPs, the first ‘The Weigh In’ for free (in current hip-hop mixed tape style) as a prelude to ‘Undisputed’. I think both albums  are well worth any DMX fan's collection, but I keep finding myself going back to the free download, as it is more gritty and with unabashed inflections that read like a prison diary that DMX was so good at in his early albums such as ‘It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot.’ Start with the free album, it costs you nothing, and if you need more grab ‘Undisputed’ as he could definitely use a win right about now. (for further viewing, will let you know if DMX is in jail at any given time).

Logan also said "It's the future of Hip Hop" about Deaths Grips, and on this one I will agree, even if their personal future is uncertain. Logan also said "there is a 100% chance that they will be dead in 4 years." I might also agree with this. Their completely insane punk rap explosion will force you to reconsider everything you know about music. and possibly reality. and their offstage antics might make you want to smack them, but if alienating the world around them is their conduit for making albums like Exmilitary then so be it.
It's my favorite of their impressive 4 albums in 3 years, and a great introduction to the force that is Death Grips. download it for free on their website. 

Team Totoro - Invites You to Enjoy LASER BEATS (2013) 
Ok we have told you about this one before, but if you are looking for summer jams with Morris Day style antics look no further than Louisville's own Team Totoro. the tracks 'Rompin' and Stompin' and 'Southern Rep' is summer-in-the-south style certified. Download it here for free, and it comes with extra bits and pieces as well for your summer pleasure.  

37FLOOD has here by declared summer 2014 THE SUMMER OF BALLIN' and now you got the jams to prove it..  But If you need more, read our 'Best Free Downloads' list from Summer 2011.

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