Thursday, July 10, 2014

Poorcastle: what to see

Poorcastle "where the have-nots shall have"
We love the idea of a Louisville Festival that is both affordable and features the impressive amount of local talent our town has to offer! at just $5 a day ($10 all weekend) no one can complain. Located on Mellwood ave, this year's Poorcastle is this weekend, Sat July 12 & Sun July 13.  At a week before Forecastle it's safe to say the event organizers are making a statement not a stand, but we hear you loud and clear. We at 37FLOOD are planning to go to both, but are excited that there is an alternative for those without the means to visit main stream summer fests, and a variety for those who can.
Our Picks (in no particular order):
Plastic Bubble Violet Knives Lady Pyramid New Bravado Twin Limb Black Birds of Paradise Bottom Sop Tender Mercy

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