Thursday, December 11, 2014

Best Of: Louisville Summer Events (includes FREE downloads!)

Now that the temperature has dropped and the end of the year is drawing closer, we thought it was a good time to reflect on some of our favorite summer LOUISVILLE shows!
--please notice we said Some, as there were many great shows this year (We decided to highlight ones we had downloads for..) & please feel free to leave a comment with some of your favorite shows from Summer 2014.


Seeing Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds was a dream come true for this boy, especially since Cave finally shaved that mustache. I like a good Mustache, but it just made Cave look like the bad kind of creep, and not the kind he pulls off so well. This summer saw many great national & international acts in Louisville including several during the same week.. which may have been why People were giving away tickets at the last moment on the street for this show. weekday shows are hard to fill, especially when you can only pick one. I'd like to see these bigger acts Like Nick Cave, Broken Bells, & Elvis Costello play on a weekend,  and preferably not on the same weekend. Cave didn't play Deanna (my no.1 fav song of his), but he did play the Ship Song, which would be my second pick. And He was backed by Warren Ellis, which was also a dream come true.

SUMMER CASSINGLES SERIES VOL.1 w/ Citizens United, 1200, 2Strikes & Basement Up  AT NEW VINTAGE 6/25

Summer Cassingle Vol. II: Deloreans, Black Birds of Paradise, Plastic Bubble, Coins AT NEW VINTAGE 7/4
 Local summer shows are great, and Summer Series are better, and ones the include free music are tops! This summer LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS and GUESTROOM RECORDS hosted 15 bands in a 3 part series at New Vintage, with a free Cassingle at each event. and for a holiday gift, all 3 volumes of the SUMMER CASSINGLE SERIES are available for FREE download here:  

Forecastle 7/18- 7/20

Forecastle 2014 had plenty of great national acts (would have liked to see more local bands though) including The Replacements (surprisingly backed by Billy Joe Armstrong), Outkast, & Slint, to name a few. Seeing Oukast was definitely on the Bucket List,  although I thought last years solo performance from Big Boi may have been better (and he pulled it off with a broken leg no less).
I was a little disappointed in SPOON, but in retrospect they sounded exactly like their records so I don't know what I was expecting.. Especially since I was a little disappointed in Jack White adding so many extra instruments to the White Stripes songs he covered, when back in the day he proved all he needed was a single girl backing him to slay an audience.  But I will say, that even though I wasn't overly impressed by the show, he definitely made up for it at the very end with this 7  minute slaughter of 7 Nation Army. It may have been the best 7 minutes of the entire fest.

Summer Cassingle Series Vol.3: Jaye Jayle, The Gallery Singers, eremy*JIrvin, Lydia Burrell & Twin Limb AT NEW VINTAGE 7/25
This last Summer Cassingle Series was a great way to button up the summer with killer performances by The Gallery Singers, eremy+JIrvin, Jaye Jayle, Lydia Burrell & Twin Limb! download this & all 3 volumes of the SUMMER CASSINGLE SERIES for FREE here:  

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