Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Louisville Zombie Attack looking for support

    The 11th annual Louisville Zombie Attack is due this August 29th, drawing thousands of participants to the Highlands area and with them comes hundreds of thousands in estimated revenue for area bars, restaurants, and shops.  With numbers estimated near 40 thousand participants it may be surprising that the event it's self struggles to pay the permits and fees associated with keeping thousands of people safe. The event organizers rely on donations and sponsors to pay the estimated $10,000 needed to put on the event. In 2013 Zombie Attack put on a crowd funding campaign to help pay the bills, that astoundingly received less than a dozen donors and generating less than 1/3 of the money needed.
    The organizers have decided to try again this year, and after the first week of campaigning, have still not received a single dollar.  For a town that prides it's self on 'keeping Louisville Weird' as well as cherishing home-grown events, this seems a little shocking, especially for an annual event that is continually listed on top 10 regional events and attractions.
If you enjoy unique Louisville events, it may be time to pony up a buck or two, as well harass friends and gore fans to do the same.
      Find more information at the Louisville Zombie Attack crowd funding page here
or donate directly at 
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