Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Review: Tender Mercy "It Was You" EP

         This is one of the local acts I get really excited about, so I'll try to stay focused. Tender Mercy, to me, has always been about an ambiance. I think the music borrows a lot from black metal in that respect. Tonality and spacial relations are themes in Mark Kramer's work as much as the lyrics. But with his upcoming five-track release "It Was You," it seems Tender Mercy is exploring new textures and dynamic structures through previous avenues.
         It's easy to fall into a trance-like state with much of Tender Mercy's work, but "It Was You" finds ways to interrupt this flow for the listener. While the sonic qualities of the album are expansive (thick reverb, etc.) the percussion on the title track, in particular, is almost dancy. The track "Path:Trails" has a similar effect on its listener, specifically during the chorus, in which Mark nearly whispers the first two words of each line, and melodically explodes the rest, asking "Are you blazing a path, or are you following trails?"
         "It Was You" will be released under Bright Tonight Recordings this Saturday, March 12, at Dreamland, with Michael Seymour and Psychic Skin and Tender Mercy. This is one of the more challenging releases I've heard so far in 2016, so pick up a copy and give it all of your attention.

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