Sunday, May 29, 2016

New Louisville Is For Lovers release: 15 Years of The Gallery Singers

Louisville Is For Lovers announced their 30th release, as part of their 15 year anniversary, From The Galley To The Gallows: 15 Years of The Gallery Singers, is now available on their site. Its a 25 track digital album chronicling 15 years of the Gallery Singers At The Electric Church Of The Tambourine and Includes performances by Kevin Ratterman (Twin Limb), Dom Cipolla (Phantom Family Halo), Carrie Neumayer(Julie Of The Wolves), Jeremy Irvin (Second Story Man), Nick & Regan Laymen (Black Birds Of Paradise), Chris Renn (The Kilowatthours), Two Tone Tommy & Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket), Shawna & Jason (IamIs), Shadwick Wilde (Quiet Hollers).

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