Monday, October 29, 2007

Interview: Wax Fang takes us to "La La Land".

First things first, the new album is called "La La Land" and in the
latest issue of Bejeezus we received a CD with a Wax Fang song
entitled California. Any special reasons for the California

s/c: The connection is purely coincidence. 'California' was a song I'd written while still in film school about my frustrations with the film industry and the Grand Delusion of Hollywood as 'Land of Opportunity'. Hillary (Hanson, editor of Bejeezus) had asked us to contribute something and it just so happened that that particular recording, which is actually several years old (2002 to be exact), was the only finished recording I had to submit. And while the term 'La La Land' originated as a nickname for Los Angeles, California, we actually chose it more for it's contemporary meanings, one such being, courtesy of the Merriam-Webster's Dictionary, 'a euphoric dreamlike mental state detached from the harsher realities of life.'

37: Can you give us any inside/background info on the albums' artwork?

Jacob: The cover image was done by artist Thea Lura, she also happened to do the cover of "Black and Endless Night". When I came across this piece at the gallery I immediately snatched it up before rest of the crowd, for I sensed we could use it for something, exactly what I wasn't sure. It just seemed to contain visual elements that were similar to what was happening in the songs we were working on at the time. I brought it with us down to Ardent, and we just began to live and work with the baby. It would be propped up on the board in the control room watching us as we resumed recording back in louisville, watching us all the way through the mixing process. It's kind of hypnotic and sinister, iconic and ambiguous, even androgynous. All of these qualities we were attracted to, and felt that this figure that can be seen as a one of power due to the crown, was a keeper or a ruler of some sort, but of what world and what creatures we could not be sure.

37: In a sense this is really the first album recorded by "Wax Fang" as a
full band. Musically speaking, what kind of differences can we expect
from Black and Endless Nights?

s/c: The main difference is that it replicates, more accurately, what we sound like as live band. Aside from that, the album is much more complex, dynamically and structurally, and more dense, both in its production and arrangement.

37: Will the Theremin be making an appearance?

s/c: Unfortunately, no. Next album, perhaps.

Scott attended film school in PA, and we always hear
people raving about the 16mm film you guys show during your shows. Any chance of seeing some sort of movie/musical project on the horizon?

s/c: It's not entirely out of the question, although we have no concrete plans for anything like that at the moment. We are, however, hoping to make a series of videos for several songs from the album in the months to come.

37: Are there any tour dates in the works to support the new Album?

None yet. We're hoping that will change very soon.

If you had to describe this new album in 1 word that ended in "ness"
what would it be?

s/c: Motherfuckness.

What is Wax Fang's favorite candy to receive while trick-or-treating?

s/c: Anything made with Reece's peanut butter.

37: What kind of costumes would you like to see people dressed as for CD
release party @ the Vernon on the 30th?

s/c: So long as people are dressed up as something, that's all that matters. However, if I were to have a pick, I'd love to see people dressed up as characters from the television series, Twin Peaks, or as cats. We love cats.

Upcoming Wax Fang Events:

October, 30 2007 at Vernon Lanes - "La La Land" Listening/Costume Party Extravaganza!!! 10pm Free

November, 17th at Headliners - "La La Land" Cd Release Party with Centipede E'Est and Lucky Pineapple. Doors @ 8pm Ticket web 8 bux.

November, 20th 2007 IN-STORE @ EAR-X-TACY

Wax Fang - California (from Don't Be Afraid to Cherish It (in the latest Bejeezus Magazine) Buy it)

Wax Fang - Halloween (from Louisville Babylon Comp Buy it)

You can preview all the tracks from "La La Land" at Amazon and also purchase it there DRM free on the 17th.


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Great Interview. Thanks. The cover of Halloween is fantastic! Can't wait for this new album.

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this was a good read, thanks :)