Saturday, March 15, 2008

My Morning Jacket recording from SXSW

Photo: Richard Perry/The New York Times

As we posted on Wednesday, My Morning Jacket played SXSW at the Austin Music Hall on Thursday. NPR was there to broadcast the show live and WFPK simulcast it for us to hear locally. I stayed up and pressed record to capture the show for all to enjoy the sweet new sounds of 8 new songs from the upcoming release "Evil Urges". Below you will find the setlist along with a download link for the mp3s and a torrent link for the lossless files. I also recorded the Yo La Tengo and Whigs set and they'll make their way up shortly... Enjoy!

disc 1:
01 NPR intro
02 Jim James interview
03 Show intro
04 Evil Urges
05 Off the Record
06 Gideon
07 Highly Suspicious
08 What a Wonderful Man
09 I'm Amazed
10 Thank You Too
11 Golden
12 banter 'Hello Austin'
13 Sec Walkin'
14 Wordless Chorus
15 The Way That He Sings

disc 2:
01 Aluminum Park
02 One Big Holiday
03 Run Thru
04 Smokin' from Shootin'
05 Touch Me I'm Going to Scream [pt. 2]
06 banter 'NPR encore break'
07 banter 'Austin Town'
08 Steam Engine
09 Lay Low
10 Mahgeetah
11 Anytime
12 NPR outro

Mp3 Download link

Torrent link


Hart said...

Very Nice!! I can't wait for the album. My MMJ fandom grows daily.

Jackson said...

Thanks for posting this show. I had seen the videos from Houston, but it's nice to have such a good recording of the new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for capturing this. I was at the show and it was really fantastic. MMJ are clearly on top of their game.

Robert Dean said...

Hey man, I was at this show, mmj was amazing, too bad a lot of the crowd was industry suits busy looking at their iphones. like half the audience left after 20 minutes. if you want to be surrounded by lame ass crowds, go to swsw next year. npr put up yo la as a podcast, but didnt get the rights to put up mmj, so i'm glad you recorded the set, i figured i could find it online. thanks a million, man, maybe i can hear myself in the crowd...