Thursday, June 5, 2008

Last Call Film Festival Starts Tonight!

The Last Call Film Festival starts tonight at the Rudyard Kipling down on Oak street.
The follow description from Andy and the Last Call staff can't be beat so I'll just let you read it the way it was intended.

The complete schedule for Last Call is up and this year we’ve added a third day. Mark your calendars for June 5,6, and 7 then prepare to put your shoes back on after they blow right off your feet. Thursday is not only free but Last Call Film Festival will be premiering The Gits documentary. This is a huge honor to me not only as a Gits fan but because I get to spread the love for Louisville’s own Mia Zapatta. All you Gits fans start spreading the word. If you’re not familiar with the Gits this film and their music will blow your mind. After the Gits screening producer Jessica Bender will take questions from the audience. Following the Gits documentary a screening of 1922 silent film Haxan will play with an orginal score written by Louisville's own Siberia. Siberia is no stranger to movies as they wrote the original score to the documentary Along the Wayside.

That’s just the first night! Friday night includes a horror movie with drinking rules where audience participation is encouraged, short films from Norway and Greece and a possible visit/Q&A session with Survival of the Wildebeest director Joe Wolf.

Saturday Kevin Murphy from Mystery Science Theater 3000 will be in attendance. He’s been a pleasure to deal with and I can’t wait for him to watch movies with us. Saturday night Mr. Murphy will be speaking to the audience on topics ranging from why Hollywood sucks to working on MST3K. We’ll also be screening two films to previously play Sundance (Four Eyed Monsters and Corndog Man). I’m not kidding when I say Corndog Man is in my top ten favorite movies. Could there possibly be more? YES! ZOMBIE movies, some of the funniest shorts I’ve ever seen and the whole weekend closes with a performance by Lucky Pineapple.

All weekend is movies, movies, movies. Thursday is free while Friday and Saturday are only $5 a night. This promises to be the biggest Last Call yet with confirmed visitors flying in from Chicago to San Francisco.

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