Friday, June 13, 2008

Recording: Jim James @ The Rudyard Kipling 6/3/07

Hard to believe its been a year since this amazing show. Finally a recording has found its way to us. Its a good thing too because this show needs to be heard. It's 3 hours of pure magic. Something special sure was in the air on that night. Please continue to support the Rud in any way you can.

The show is a big download but its well worth it. Here are a few of the highlights:

Sound Of Silence - Sarah Elizabeth & Jim James
Dancefloors - Jim James
Cherish - Jim James and Sarah Elizabeth
Wonderful (The Way I Feel) - Jim James
Nobody - Jim James and Sarah Elizabeth

Photo Gallery

Full Show Download Links:
Disc 1 Mirror
Disc 2 Mirror
Disc 3

Set list:
Part One:
1. Fortified Wine
2. I Refuse
3. White Rabbit
4. Thoe Memories Of You
5. Tapping My Own Phone.
6. House Of The Rising Sun
7. For as Long as Space Endures
8. When I Hear That Train
9. Riding With Rebel Jesus, The Wanderer
10. The Sound OF Silence
11. Never Give Up

Parts 2 & 3
1. Tonight I Want to Celebrate With You
2. Look at You
3. At Dawn
4. It Beats 4 U
5. banter - Rudyard Kipling
6. Bermuda Highway
7. Hopefully
8. Old September Blues
9. banter - Chigago Song
10. The Way That He Sings
11. banter - Music & Politics
12. Gideon
13. I Will Be There When You Die
14. banter - Songs with double meanings
15. Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
16. I Needed it Most
17. Dancefloors
18. What a Wonderful Man
19. banter - Rudyard Benefits
20. Nashville to Kentucky
21. banter - Snowy Bramble
22. Knot Comes Loose
23. Wordless Chorus
24. Golden
25. Into the Woods
26. The Bear
27. By My Car
28. Dondante
29. Ordinary
30. Anytime
31. banter - Sleeping masks project
32. Cherish
33. Settin' the Woods on Fire
34. Louisiana Woman Mississippi Man
35. Grievous Angel
36. banter - put on those masks!
37. Nobody (take 1)
38. Nobody

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Tyler said...

I'm not gonna lie, I secretly recorded a good hour and a half of this show. I talked to Ron Whitehead about the future of the recordings, but I didn't want to do anything with my recording without his (or Jim James') permission. But hey, now that this leaked to hell with my dirty little secret! So is this the OFFICIAL recording done by Ron and co. or is it a bootleg?