Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Young Republic EP realease show at The Brick House

The Young Republic will be playing a show at the Brick House this Friday the 17th. They have recently come off a tour of the UK with the likes of Bon Iver and The Mountain Goats where the released an EP entitled Idiot Grin. The show this Friday will celebrate the US release of that EP and having had a sneak peek of the EP, I'm happy to say it's an awesome release! The band has recently relocated from Boston to Nashville which puts them in a prime location to trek up to Louisville to earn some new fans. Chris Miller, bassist, also has roots in Louisville so that'll hopefully keep them coming back to give us more and more. Also playing the show... Staging the Area and Josh Napier, show starts at 6pm.

The Young Republic's new EP, Idiot Grin will only be available at the show or online but be sure and pick up the most recent album, 12 Tales from Winter City available at iTunes.

Extra Media:

Check out this video from the infamous "Black Cab Sessions" across the pond (such an awesome concept):

The band had a session at Woxy this summer as well, hear it below:
The Young Republic @ Woxy 7/18

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