Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sani Hanks presents...

The Louisville music and arts scene has for a long time needed someone to come along and breathe into it new life... the time has come and our savior has arrived. Sani Hanks, younger brother of the great Tom Hanks has helped inspire a concert and arts show series to revive the Louisville scene and bring an "underground" to everyone who desires such. Join in this celebration/tribute to Sani for his inspiration and devotion to reviving unity amongst the Louisville culture and it's people. Who knows, if he's not too nervous, you may even get his autograph...

a little background info on Sani:
Sani Hanks (1960 - ) - the younger brother of Tom Hanks. For most of his life, Sani has lived in the shadow of his older, more successful brother and has struggled to make an acting career of his own. One main obstacle that he has tried to overcome is the fact that he is illiterate and has trouble writing. He also, on occasion suffers from extreme social anxiety.

His filmography to date includes:

"ER" (3 episodes)
- "Breach of Trust" (2007)
- "Collision" (2007)
- "Friends or Enemies" (2006)

"The Wire" (2 episodes)
- "Safety Threat" (2008)
- "Undercover" (2007)

"Eight Legged Freaks" (2002) [victim #2]

"3rd Rock from the Sun" (1 episode)
- "My Mother the Alien"

Show this Friday to include the Kodiaks, Murals, Dude Plays Sax and Anton Mink at Skull Alley. Art will also be displayed by Eddie Santigo, Frank Martinez, Joshua Vance and Makeshift Clothing. Doors are at 7 and bring a crisp (or crinkled) 5'er to get inside.

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