Friday, January 16, 2009

Frisbee CD release show at Skybar

I've been hearing some whispers about Frisbee and hearing some tunes from Aaron Frisbee's site for the time being and am happy to say I am really impressed. How cool is it to actually have your real last name be "Frisbee"?  The other kick ass thing is that Aaron atcually realizes that albums are supposed to mean something and should have a continuity to them and not just be jumbled and meaningless; an artform that is getting lost in the world of itunes and top 40 single downloads.
Bonus is that from the looks of the poster you gets your choice of a tshirt or a cd at the door for yer five buckerinos! If you see a tall dude in your way with a Nikon around his neck, say hello! See you there!

De --> tails:
Frisbee w/ Kristen Cothron and OK DJs
Saturday, January 24th
Sky Bar
131 Breckenridge Lane
Louisville KY
8p Door / 9p Show / $5

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