Friday, January 16, 2009

The unknown Love capital of the world!

Now that I have your attention, February 3rd marks the release of the 9th edition of "Louisville is for Lovers" featuring some of Louisville's finest musicians brought to you by the king of local love, John King! As you know, we'e huge fans of John and what he does by getting bands together on a collective album for folks to sample and what better time to enjoy it that than in the cold, cold month of February.

Volume 9 will will feature 19 tracks and will be released on CD and for the first time on Double LP (Karate Body Records) later in the month of February in a limited run of 500 colored slabs of sweet, sweet vinyl!

This year we asked John if we could do anything to help and will assist in the final production of a bonus disc that will be included in the first 100 copies. The bonus disc will feature an addition 50 minutes of original love songs from new bands and your favorites.
track listing:
1. the come hithers-your’e just one
2. black kerouac-cold gold
3. deer meet-take me high
4. the ladybirds-the map of love
5. the cut family foundation-free, who?
6. the sandpaper dolls-pretending to be wise
7. lucky pineapple-altamira
8. the deloreans-la la love
9. pure dirt-is it true?

10. teneia sanders-joan’s song
11. ben & whit-the only time
12. eremy*jirvin-on my own

13. paul mcgee-i never realized
14. bonnie ‘prince’ billy w/cheyenne mize- the girl in me
15. the fervor w/dave cronin-same state
16. whistle peak-elbows and ankles
17. she wears lipstick-sext messages
18. the gallery singers-all that’s left
19. the mack-prisoner’s lake

bonus disc track listing:
1. the trophy wives-untitled
2. chemic-ice floor
3. dice bringer-please do not use
4. second story man-who i am
5. hambone-ramblin’ man
6. tamara dearing-i’ll be alright
7. tom curtis-whiskey and blisters
8. natural geographic-we will always be here
9. iamis-a trillion blessings
10. ultra pulverize-membrane lane

11. zavala-super vision
12. murals- thief


Ultra Pulverize - Membrane Lane

IAMIS - One Trillion Blessings

She Wears Lipstick - Sext Messages

Second Story Man - Who Am I

Only 500 made so snatch your copy before all the Will Oldham feinds worldwide gobble them up!
Pre-order here or get your copy down at Ear X-tacy.

There will also be two shows in support of the CD... an acoustic showcase at the Lounge on the 11th featuring Teniea Sanders, eremy jervin, the Sand Paper Dolls, and Paul McGee and a show on Valentine's Day (the 14th) featuring the Mack, Teneia Sanders, the Ladybirds, Deer Meet, and the Deloreans (fuck I loved that car!) We'll remind you about the support shows closer to their dates...

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