Sunday, May 30, 2010

37 Flood gets props!

People must be paying attention to our little news grinder. in this week's Leo, the article "We Are This Beat" looks at the last 2 decades of music powerhouses in Louisville. in the section 'blogospehre" 37 Flood gets props as being a long standing podium for local music news and information.
other mentions include the runaway train that is My Morning Jacket, as well as Will Oldham, Slint, and Kinghorse. they also list notable local music catalysts such as Forecastle, and louisville labels like Louisville Lip, Noise Pollution, and Label X.
Personally i was a little disappointed that Louisville Is For Lovers wasn't mentioned. not that i want to toot my own horn, but having been around for more than 10 years, many great folks have put in a lot of sweat and tears helping to release many albums, producing annual events, and working with over a hundred local bands, and that's no small feat... but that's my cross to bare..
anyway, Thank you all for reading all these years, and many thanks to Kory, who started this blog, and gave us a chance to join in!
Read the Leo article here.

Not this week's Leo cover, but a man can dream... a man can dream.

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