Monday, May 10, 2010

Review: Star deth & white dwarfs at glassworks

it was a breezy saturday evening on the rooftop at Glassworks, it was a little chilly, and i was a little worried that it might keep the peeps away, but it didn't. i shouldn't have been worried, You can't stop Rock N Roll, especially when Phantom Family Halo is at the helm. they played a very affable psychedelic set, more "monoliths" than "black six", and very much worth the ticket price of $10. The second act was the mostly unknown but highly anticipated Stardeth & White Dwarfs from Oklahoma. honestly, after watching them unload earlier that day and noticing that they were teenagers, i was a little skeptical of the hype. most of what i've heard of them came in carefully crafted Press Releases, and a big enough enough paycheck can make anyone look like a rock God. and on top of that, the word LIPS was sprayed painted on most of their equipment; i asked one guy in the band about that, and he explained that Wayne Coyne was the uncle of one of band members, and pretty much helped his young nephew realize his dream of being a rock star. so, when they started i had no idea what to expect. but, they took the stage like they owed no favors to no one. they were tight and sprite and had the audience on their tippy toes. i was pleasantly surprised. honestly the Flaming Lips lineage was noticeable, sounding like a slightly heavier version of a "Clouds Taste Metallic" era Lips, complete with a Lips borrowed Light Bright explosion fashioned from PVC pipes, LED lights and plastic buckets. i was told later that Wayne Coyne has a warehouse filled with this type of stuff, and happily let the boys take some borrowed stock on the road with them. perhaps next time Stardeth comes through louisville we'll get a close up view of the "Christmas on Mars" film set.
all in all, the youngins held their own, and the Veterans held their Reign, and it was a Psychedelically fine evening on the rooftop.
(the next Glassworks Rooftop Music Event will be Friday 5/14 with The Mack, Saredren Wells, and Roadie. 8 pm, $5, 21+)
a louisville sunset while Phantom Family Halo soundchecks, and Sam Sneed saunters.

a close crowd keeping Stardeth warm on stage.

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