Sunday, August 4, 2013

Whedonfest 2013

If Lebowski Fest and Fandomfest has let loose your inner Cosplayer and you can't wait 3 weeks for Louisville Zombie Attack, than you are in luck! next weekend in Scottsville Ky (outside of Bowling Green, directions here) is Whedonfest; a fest for all things Joss Whedon.. If you are not acquainted, you have sooo much homework to do. The good news is that is isn't just a Firefly fest, or Avengers fest, or even Buffy, or Angel,  or Cabin in the Woods fest, or even Toy Story if that's your thing, but it's a fest for all things Joss Whedon. Personally I can't decide which way to point my enthusiasm.. the guy has done a lot. Whether or not  the fest will be as Shiny as Kaylee's optimism, we will see. The fest is an official Can't Stop The Serenity event,  a pretty amazing foundation founded by fans (browncoats) of the show Firefly that raises money for Whedon's favorite charity Equality Now (as well as other charities) and has raised over $20 million worldwide since 2006.
Whedonfest is Aug 9-11 and is $130 for the weekend but includes all meals and overnight stays for Friday and Saturday, day tix are available too. the three day event is packed with music, panels, games, and movies, including a "shindig" (showing of Serenity) on Saturday, and a showing of my personal favorite Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog on Sunday.
A Mighty Fine Shindig (Firefly Con)

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