Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Out Now: Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's do-it-your Self Titled LP

As nearly as quiet as the music on Bonnie 'Prince' Billy's new Self titled LP was the release for this Vinyl & Cassette full length. For this one Will Oldham decided to record and release it all himself, with little release-date fan fare. It's a record store only (no online or download sales) affair with Oldham hand delivering the records to stores. It is almost tragic that this small run album is going to be hard to find, as it is one of his all time best, but this could only add to it's fragile and precious feel; as embodied on the heartbreakingly perfect love song Royal Quiet Deluxe ending the album with the words "this is the last song of it's kind" we can only hope not.
Self Titled
As a way to preserve the nearly lost tradition of looking someone in the eye while buying music, this album is only available at stores, so walk on down to your local record slinger and request a copy. 

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