Saturday, November 2, 2013

Review: Injecting Strangers (Cincinnati) EP


            Injecting Strangers is a five-piece band from Cincinnati releasing their debut E.P. “Nightmare Nancy” today. They’re made up of Dylan Oseas and Peter Foley (formerly bass and guitar players for Automagick), Chase Leonard of Easy Breezy, Aaron Disney (Talk Mouth), and singer/songwriter Richard Ringer.
                The 3 track EP opens with “Lucky,” a wise guy greaser tune about a mustachioed leader of a tough-as-nails future brigade.  The whole EP falls in line with the band’s just-after-Halloween release date with fanciful horror subject matter with bits and pieces of playful blasphemy and curse words sprinkled throughout. “Nightmare Nancy Pt. 1” and the concluding track “Nightmare Nancy Pt. 2” fallow a mysterious narrative about Nancy, her father, and a doctor who falls in love with Nancy. Reading like a traditional murder ballad from the perspective of the doctor, everyone dies in the end but the details are all fuzzy to imply that only Nancy knows the whole truth.
            What’s cool about this band is that, like Ringer’s solo stuff and Automagic’s live show, the sound they achieve is fast, big, and somewhere in between weird and goofy. Definitely someone worth looking out for in the future.

Injecting Strangers Promo from Kyle Howland on Vimeo.

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