Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Interview: Sarah of Murder By Death

Murder By Death show at the Stanley Hotel
From The Shining

37: Thanks for talking with us in the middle of your summer tour.
 The big hubbub in town is that your packing up after 15 years in (the band's hometown of) Bloomington and settling into your hometown, Louisville. We are happy to have you, what was deciding factor for heading south?

Sarah: Thank you! The biggest reason is family. We found a home that is within a mile and a half of my parents and my brother, Max. Coming in a close second for biggest reason is our friends. Since 2008 we have watched a steady stream of our close buddies move down to Louisville from Bloomington. We're following the siren song and joining what is quickly becoming the much-dreamed-about "friend island", but in Louisville rather than on an actual private island. Which is good, because import taxes can get out of hand quickly. 

37: 37FLOOD Writer Logan Nichols once told me that in high school as an aspiring musician he figured he would know if he made it if he was ever signed to Bloodshot Records. Around the 37FLOOD office we have been very impressed with Bloodshot these days. I have been loving the new Scott H. Biram album.  How are you enjoying being a part of the Bloodshot family? 

Sarah: We love being on Bloodshot Records. They sign bands they like, believe in, and want to support. And playing a Bloodshot event is never boring - we just did a show in Chicago with Andre Williams and he showed up in an iridescent purple suit and had the crowd (and us) in the palm of his hand.

37: You guys are known for coming up with creative projects and show themes, such as the 10th anniversary of  Who Will Survive and What Will Be Left of Them  at the Stanley Hotel (Stephen King’s inspiration for The Shining) and the As You Wish covers record where you let fans pick the songs. Do you have any wheels turning for upcoming projects? 

Sarah: As a matter of fact, the Stanley Hotel shows were such a blowout success (and so much fun) that we are doing it again this year. Also, we didn't see any ghosts this time so clearly we have to go back! By the time this runs all the info should be up on our website 
Actual evidence of ghosts at The Stanley Hotel
 (Courtesy of Murder By Death)  

37: Do you have any thing special in mind for the June 7th show at Headliners?

Sarah: Yep. We're just going to stay in Louisville after the show. Forever. Gimmicky, I know.

37:  What are some of your favorite things that you will miss in Bloomington?

Sarah: It's hard to put into words. The entire band's history is in Bloomington; friends, basement-show houses, our favorite bartenders, favorite breakfast foods, night swimming in the quarries. It's a lot of things, and a lot of youthful things. 

37: What are some of your favorite things you'll be excited about in Louisville?

Sarah: I can't wait to be close to my family. Also I'm excited as hell about how Louisville seems to be getting better all the time. There's so much happening in the food scene, the music scene, and the revitalization of some downtown areas. Honestly, just generally stoked.

37: Good luck with the tour and the big move to city life, and we'll see you around town!

Sarah: Thanks for the interview!
Interviewer John King trapped in The Shining
(courtesy of Regan Layman)

MURDER BY DEATH will be playing June 7th at HEADLINERS with JAYE JAYLE and THE FOXERY.
18+  $15/$17  8 pm

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