Monday, June 9, 2014

New Music: Death Grips feat. Bjork

Last night, Death Grips posted on their facebook page for the first time since early May to release niggas on the moon, which features Bjork "on all 8 tracks." Niggas on the moon is disc one of their forthcoming two-disc album, the powers that b. While this is their first release to feature Bjork, it doesn't come as a complete surprise as Death Grips have already remixed two of Bjork's songs (Sacrifice and Thunderbolt).

Unlike their previous release, Government Plates, this work is fueled largely by MC Ride's lyrics rather than Zach Hill's trippy electronic instrumentals. Just like every other Death Grips album, the first track, Up My Sleeves, listens like a statement-of-intention for the rest of the album and stands well on its own. Say Hey Kid is the most "traditionally structured" song I think they've ever put out, complete with a verse, chorus, and a bridge urging the listener "don't you OD, come play dead." Up until the closing track (Big Dipper) all of the songs are under four minutes, leaving few instrumental gaps other than Have a Sad Cum, whose lyrics are glitched to the point of being unintelligible.

We highly recommend you add these tracks to your Summer of Ballin' playlist, feels good to know they're celebrating with us. download here

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