Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interview: Lebowski Fest creator, Will Russell

The 7th Annual Lebowski Fest starts this Friday at the Executive Strike and Spare. If you're going to be there, chances are you also have in your possession the critically acclaimed book, I'm a Lebowski, You're a Lebowski: Life, The Big Lebowski and What Have You. (if you don't, shame on you... get your signed copy here.)

We wanted to do an interview with Will Russell, one of the creators of the Lebowski Fest in preparation for this coming Friday. We're about as lazy as the Dude most of the time so we are firing back the same questions asked of some celebrities in the book. Enjoy!

37 Flood: A lot of people say that it took them a few viewings before they really got it. We can only think that wasn't the case with you guys, was it?

Will: I was almost indifferent the first time I saw it. I didnt dislike it but I also didnt love it. After the third viewing is when I began to fall in love and appreciate it in the way I do now.

37 Flood: Who's your favorite character and why?

Will: Walter has the funniest lines. Pilar is also awesome.

37 Flood: If you were a Big Lebowski character, which one would you be?

Will: Walter - I give a shit about the rules.

37 Flood: Do you have a favorite scene? A favorite line?

Will: I adore every scene and ever line. It changes all the time. Currently the Dude screaming in the bathtub when the marmot is tossed in really kills me.

37 Flood: What other movies would you consider yourself a huge fan of?

Will: Pee Wee's Big Adventure, No Country For Old men, Raising Arizona

37 Flood: Why do you think The Big Lebowski has connected so strongly with so many people?

Will: It magically gets better each time you watch it. It's an absolute blast to watch - great music, great characters, great dialogue. Plus the Dude is such a genuinely cool guy.

37 Flood: What is the most 'Dude' thing you've ever done?

Will: Bubble bath with candles

37 Flood: The movie's plot is pretty complicated - if you had to sum up the movie in three sentences or less, how would you do it?

Will: They peed on the Dudes rug. All the Dude ever wanted was his rug back. Fuck it, let's go bowling.

37 Flood: Has what you love about the movie changed over time?

Will: My love grows stronger every time I see it.

37 Flood: If you could ask the Coen brothers one question about The Big Lebowski (and we're sure you've had that chance), what would it be?

Will: I would just freeze and wet myself.

37 Flood: What's your highest bowling score?

Will: 189

37 Flood: What day is this?

Will: i'm sorry, i wasn't listening

Lebowski Fest is July 11th-12th. Get your info here and get your tickets here.

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