Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Report: Ben Sollee speaks out about Kanye

As you have all probably read, Kanye wasn't well received by fans at Bonnaroo who waited nearly 2 hours past his scheduled 2:45am start time and took the stage at 4:25am instead. I won't go into it but you can read all about it here if you need more details.
Ben Sollee also played with the Sparrow Quartet at Bonnaroo and obviously has something to say about Kanye's waiting game. Listen to this open letter to Kanye below.

Ben Sollee - Dear Kanye


Anonymous said...

Fucking great! Ben Sollee is amazing. If he had performed that at 4 am on the stage kayne was supposed to be at, he would've brought the house down. Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

I read in Paste that Ben Sollee is playing in the Olympic Opening ceremonies with Bela Fleck and a bunch of other people. I knew he was going to blow up, but that was quick!