Sunday, March 7, 2010

JC Denison photographs/music at highland coffee

JC Denison does a lot. he's heading down to SXSW with lucky pineapple at this very moment. (Lucky Pineapple does a lot. they have a new split 7" coming out on Karate Body this spring, and a track on the Sonablast comp Lullabies). he is also churning out some nice work with his other band Another 7 Astronauts; you can find a nice track on louisville is for lovers X. and on top of all this, he is showing a collection of artwork this month at Highland coffee, called Music for Photographs. every image comes with an accompanying music track (with listening stations around the store). below is his artist statement:
MusicForPhotographs JCDenison/AnotherSevenAstronauts
Thank you for taking the time to look at these photographs and listen to this music. My intention here is that they reflect each other: the music provides an auditory representation of the photographs; the photographs offer a visual interpretation of the music. To achieve this I would listen to these pieces while I edited the photos or look at the pictures while I mixed the music. Each was to slowly affect the outcome of the other through a system of slow and constant change. Several “listening stations” have been provided so that you may experience both. While each is intended to complement the other, you may choose to enjoy either on its own.
the collection will be up through march.
Have a listen...

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