Sunday, March 21, 2010

New Saredren Wells LP

LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS artist SAREDREN WELLS is releasing a new 8 song LP on May 11th as a joint release with LOUISVILLE IS FOR LOVERS/RINEHART RECORDS. the LP comes with a 4 post card set and a free digital download coupon. the album can be pre-ordered now at LOUISVILLEISFORLOVERS.COM and it's a limited edition of 500, so you should probably do that now.
you can also hear the title track there as well.
here is the press release from the SAREDREN WELLS headquarters:
Hey! You!
How's this for exciting! This coming Saturday the 27th at 2 PM Saredren Wells will be kicking out a not-to-be missed/dissed ear-X-tacy in-store performance.
And why would he do that, you ask?
Well, for lots of reasons:
Reason #1.)To celebrate the fact that he and the Fabulous Mr. John King will be putting out his first album together. That's right, you heard it here first folks. "Memories are Hunting Horns...," Mr. Wells's debut, will be released jointly by Louisville is for Lovers and Mr. Wells's Rinehart Records. The album will be released on vinyl(a limited edition pressing of 500), possibly on CD, and most definitely online(through various sites). The release date for the physical record is set for May 11th, but John will be taking pre-orders for the album right about now(should be up on his site before the weekend's out), both through the Louisville is for Lovers website AND at the in-store performance. So please, be a deer and reserve your kind self a copy!

Reason #2.)EarXtacy is awesome and they need some community(that's us) love. That's one of the main reasons John and I wanted to "go all in-store" in the first place. We've all been thinking it I'm sure, but I'm kind of a doer and definitely a genius so I went ahead and suggested it to Sean Bailey, hero of local music heroes--I hit him up on his cell and said something like "you guys should start doing tons of in-stores, to get people in the building." His response: "Good idea. You do one." Then me: "Okay." And that was that. And then we shook hands like two big grown business men probably would/do. The rest is history people.

And lastly, but of course not leastly...
Reason #3.)Louisville is for Lovers is ALSO totally awesome and it/the main man John King could ALSO use some support. I mean the guy's made a dozen records that have featured practically every band that has ever played in this cock'a'mamey town. And he's all over that giant billboard off I-64. What's not to like?

So hey, long story short--come out and support some good people doing some good things.

P.S. All attendees of the in-store performance will receive a 2 song album preview. And it's free! Can't beat that, right?
P.P.S. The day of the in-store(Sat. March 27th) all Louisville is for Lovers titles will be $1 off. Dig it!

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