Sunday, July 24, 2011

Photo Review: 'Summer Heat' & 'For The Love' reception 6/23

"For The Love" live Hip Hop showcase was performed during the opening reception of "Summer Heat" (a show about sexuality) the newest art exhibit at Land of Tomorrow Gallery in the St. Francis Building at 233 W Broadway.

 break-dancers of 'For The Love'

Jalin Roze (of 'For The Love') and curator Joey Yates in front of Sarah Lasley's graphite drawings.

Joshua & Leticia Bajuyo, and Richard Campbell in front of Campbell's giant balloon Penis installation.

Russ & Shelly Hulsey reenacting Klimt's The Kiss 
S. Hulsey had reception goers reenact Klimt's famous painting for a photo installation (and I had her reenact it with her man for this review).
Wheat Paste installation of "The Riot Kiss" on Boradway.
It looks small, but is actually near life size.

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