Thursday, July 21, 2011

Review: Scott Carney & Life And Times @ Zanzabar

Wax Fang hasn't played out in awhile. That might be why Scott Carney has been playing solo events lately. Tonight he opened for Life and Times @ Zanzabar, and just by hearing him, you almost don't realize that  he isn't playing behind a full band. Looping multiple guitar sounds over top of each other to create a full mural of texture, the epic sounds we are so fond of with Wax Fang began to arise from this one man and his guitar. Scott Carney is an amazing guitarist, and the full weight of his gift is clearly visible as a solo artist, though I must admit I am excited to see what he has in store next month when he hits the stage with The Heavy friends at Glassworks (8/19 8pm).  Scott Carney is a man who enjoys music and sharing it with others, which is apparent when he is performing, and it is always a treat to experience his talent no matter what moniker he plays under.
Honestly I do not know much about Life And Times, I was told they come from Chicago or DC, or both, and internet searches did not land much of a relevant result. I suppose that's a risk you take when you go for a commonality in a band name. I'm sure Luke Skyywalker had similar trouble starting out too. 
Speaking of blasts from the past, From the first chords in the first song from The Life and Times set I was transported back nearly 2 decades to the early nineties when monster bass lines and math-rocky drums ruled the 7" vinyl release sections of local record stores. and it wasn't just the band that brought me back to 1993, the crowd that gathered to the front of the stage were also reminiscent of that time when indie rock reigned supreme; there was a girl with purple hair and a boy wearing goggles and a white sport coat. But none of this is to say I didn't enjoy it, because I did, especially watching the small but enthusiastic crowd. My friend Danny said "I checked my watch to make sure I was still in this Century.." It was noticeable that Life And Times where taking a cue from influential heavy rock Indie bands of the early nineties, but seemed to be taking cues from all the right bands. I would describe the band as a mixture of the Tar/Jawbox split 7" static and the Jesus lizard 7" inch box set Lash (both released in 1993). both great EPs BTW, and both teeming with powerful bass and guitar chords and rough yet cozy vocals, also very  prominent in Life And Times set.
They played well, and sweaty, and the small crowd at Zanzabar seemed to enjoy both sets regardless of the differences in sound and style. as did I.

Scott Carney

 Life And Times (and crowd)
The Life and Times @ Zanzabar 7/20/11

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