Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: Mucca Pazza Headliners 7/7

Mucca Pazza came to Headliners on thursday night, they played the show with another Chicago band Schwinntonation who seemed to be very enthused to be there, proven by the musical lesson we received about intonation, which ended up being the definition for tonality. They used different parts from bikes to execute their soft looped sounds. It was a slow performance and was a strange lead up to the main event.
Mucca Pazza starts the show in the middle of the crowd, with their horns and hats running through the audience getting everyone ready for the party that was about to begin. The show is a mixture of performance art and raging birthday party, with cheerleaders and "the only marching band with a violinist" played two sets between which they spent some time at the bar or sauntered outside for a minute and when they had determined that the crowd was ready for it they came back for their second set.
This was my first Mucca Pazza show and I was amazed by the energy held by these 20+ people all captivating the audience. The dancing was contagious and it felt like the party could last for days but when it was over the band simply left the stage and went right out the side door, nothing special or crazy just simple and intimate.

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