Thursday, August 4, 2011

Camille's best of 2011.5

As school starts back I am reminded that the year of 2011 is nearing it's end, and with that we start to look back at what music made it so special. So these are my favorites for the first half of 2011.

Cults- 'Cults'
I had been waiting for this album since the first single was released last summer, "Go Outside" was the perfect summer anthem and Cults continued to impress me right up to this full length.

Panda Bear- 'Tomboy'
Animal Collective are one of my obsessions, and Panda Bear is my favorite part.  Even if this album wasn't as perfect as it turned out to be, I probably would still be gushing.

Jeff The Brotherhood- 'We Are The Champions'
This record was executed really well, it narrowed down what we love most about rock and roll, a roaming guitar and wild drums.

My Morning Jacket- 'Circuital'
A great return to form for My Morning Jacket, they went back to their roots, but still kept what keeps them a forward looking band, the future is always ever present with these guys.

Tune-Yards - 'W H O K I L L'
When I first saw Tune-Yards two years ago they were just starting out and Merrill Garbus was using a looping pedel to create different sounds.  Now,  she has a whole band and this has helped her ability to create even more texture within her music than before.

Toro Y Moi - 'Underneath The Pine'
Chaz Bundick, this guy is full of it in a really great way his second album was a perfect step forward.  He included new ideas but still remained close to what makes Toro Y Moi so special.

Tyler, The Creator- 'Goblin'
Many people dislike OFWGKTA, but I think they are really great.  They provide a microscope on american youth culture, some things we would like to ignore they shove right in our face.  This kid may be a little jerk, and he is the first to admit he is no role model.

Lykke Li- 'Wounded Rhymes'
I wouldn't say this was much of a step forward for Lykke Li, but I'm not sure she needs to move anywhere just yet.  Her second album is great and she gave me just what I have come to expect, energetic songs about being young.

Kurt Vile- 'Smoke Ring For My Halo'
In 2009 Kurt Vile made his presence known, with the release of two great albums. His forth release is full of epic pop songs.

The Deloreans- 'American Craze'
Sometimes an album surprises you, I live for this moment and I'm so thankful that a band from my hometown could provide that feeling for me this year.

2K11 isn't done yet,  and I can't wait for Girls 'Father Son Holy Ghost', and Gauntlet Hair's debut in the last half of the year.

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