Friday, February 22, 2008

Leo Musicblog Interviews Shonna Tucker

Here are some highlights:

LEO: You all seem to play Louisville fairly often, do you all have a direct affinity for the town or is it just go-to stop where you know you can sell out a show?
ST: I would say both. It does take both of them really because we wouldn’t come (to a town) if we didn’t want to. And it’s a great crowd there as we get closer to the south and get closer to home.

The last two times you all played here you were at a theater, now you’ve gone back to playing Headliners. Honestly you all didn’t seem quite as enthusiastic in the theater as previously had been in playing the smaller venues and bars — so was it a conscious effort to return to a platform where you can connect with an audience more directly?
ST: Yeah, that’s definitely what we want to do especially with the new record out. We just want to get down there with everybody and get back to the rock show. We wanna pack the place out and get the energy going. Because The Dirt Underneath tour last year was super laid back, acoustic, broken down a little bit, that was great, but we’re all ready to stand up plug in, and turn it up again.

LEO: “I’m Sorry Houston” is a beautiful song, as I said I know you’re a fan of guys like Otis Redding and Sam Cooke, but that song feels like something out of Nashville from the late fifties or early sixties – is there a place in your brain where Jim Reeves and Sam Cooke meet?
ST: Yeah, all of those people you named are from the south. They’re southern people, country people like us. It wasn’t a conscious thing it just happened that way, I wasn’t trying to do anything or make it sound any way, it just came out soundin’ like it did.

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