Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Louisville is for Lovers Live Lunch...

As much as I love WFPK and all they do for the city, if I could voice one complaint, it would be that they only post archived material in 64kbps mp3s online (I know we're lucky we can even access past shows but still I bitch...). I'd gladly pay to get the files in at least 128kbps but there are no options for that. Mp3s are bad enough but when you compress down to a bitrate that small they turn into tinny sounding worthless files.

Along comes John King to the rescue! I met John at the Louisville is for Lovers CD release show at the Pour Haus on the 15th and he was so kind as to bring me a copy of the CD that WFPK gave him so I could track it out and turn it into high quality mp3s for distribution.

If you didn't pick up your copy of Louisville is for Lovers 2008 yet, shame on you; you can do so here. Thanks go to all the artists, John as well as WFPK!

Use the links below to stream the tracks or download them individually or click here to download the entire show.

01 Intro.mp3
02 Why Didnt Someone Tell Me_.mp3
03 To Live in Dreams and Memories.mp3
04 banter.mp3
05 Lover for the Night [with Tenia Sanders].mp3
06 The Kissing is Kind [with Tenia Sanders].mp3
07 banter.mp3
08 You Belong to Me.mp3
09 Horn of Plenty.mp3
10 Interview with John King.mp3
11 Souvenir.mp3
12 Be Blight.mp3
13 banter.mp3
14 Thanksgiving (no ware).mp3
15 413 South 7th.mp3
16 banter.mp3
17 Stir Some Passion.mp3
18 Give it Away.mp3
19 banter.mp3
20 Part Time Preacher.mp3
21 Whats Real Forgiveness.mp3
22 Outro.mp3

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