Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Follow the Train's Final Performance... documented!

Alright, nearly half of 2009 is over and we here at 37 flood have been a little shy, we're sincerely sorry for that but real life pops up from time to time and eats into your fun. This same thing happend to Louisville's beloved Follow the Train. The band experienced an exodous due to founding members moving on with their lives in fall 2006 but reformed again early in 2007 with only one remaining member Dennis Sheridan and a powerhouse of new "Train"ees! 

We were able to see Follow the Train most ever time they played here in town and even a couple dates in Athens, GA opening for MMJ and not one time did they leave me ungrateful for seeing them. On January 2009, FTT played their last show at Headliners Music Hall and our friend Mr. Brian Porter gratiously taped the show with his superior audience recording gear. He also introduced me to a recording of the band's first show together in early 2007 at Lisa's Oak Street Lounge. 

We've got some photos and the mp3s here for your viewing/listening enjoyment, thanks go out to Dennis, James, Mike, Carlos, Justin, Brandon and Dave for all the good shows and allowing their shows to be recorded by fans as well as Brian P. for taping it. Enjoy and I know that I hope to one day see the Train back on it's rails again!

January 10th, 2009
Headliner's Music Hall
Louisville, KY

01 Intro
02 The Final Countdown
03 Coffee
04 Movin'
05 219
06 Flower
07 Listen
08 Mellwood
09 Division
10 Mercury
11 Seamless
12 Wake Up
13 I Want to Know What Love Is [Foreigner]

February 9th, 2007 
Lisa's Oak Street Lounge


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