Tuesday, January 27, 2009

As February rapidly approaches...

February marks the month the city goes nuts for Louisville is for Lovers releases and this year it's only bigger! On top of the now regular Live Lunch showcase performance and the show that follows, the fan are also getting an acoustic show down at The Lounge in Butchertown. Tons of great local artist are contributing; these are bands you should be paying attention to and if not, it's a perfect reason to go out and get a sample of what's going on. Show dates and time below:

February 11th - Acoustic Showcase Show @ The Lounge in Butchertown [8pm/21+/$3]
February 13th - WFPK Live Lunch @ WFPK Studios [noon/free - first come first served to 100max] Listen Here or on your dial at 91.9 fm
February 14th - Valentines Day Showcase @ Skull Alley [8pm/All Ages/$5]


Louisville is for Lovers, WFPK, 21c and Proof on Main are also hosting a contest to win Valentine's night at 21c and dinner for two at Proof along with admission to the Feb 14th showcase show and a copy of the CD. Talk about a contest!! Details to enter here.


The album
is now available for pre-order at the Louisville is 4 Lovers and you can pick it up locally at Ear X-tacy on the 2nd. Remember if you're one of the first 100 to pre-order, you can get the additional bonus disc packed with 12 additional original tunes.


I also realized that our links were down for last year's Live Lunch at WFPK so those are now re-upped and are available for download/streaming below. Enjoy and go get yer CD pre-ordered so John will keep making them!

1. Intro
2. Why Didn't Someone Tell Me
3. To Live in Dreams and Memories
4. banter
5. Love for the Night
6. The Kissing is Kind
7. banter
8. You Belong to Me
9. Horn of Plenty
10. interview with John King
11. Souvenir
12. Be Blight
13. banter
14. Thanksgiving (no ware)
15. 413 South 207th
16. banter
17. Stir Some Passion
18. Give it Away
19. banter
20. Part Time Preacher
21. What's Real Forgiveness
22. Outro

Monday, January 26, 2009

Personalized Carbonistas now available for order...

Reserve a copy of the brand new Metroschifter recording personalized with your name on the cover.

Pat McClimans, Scott Ritcher, and Chris Reinstatler are releasing more than 30 minutes of new music on Louisville's Noise Pollution label. You can get your limited edition personalized recording on compact disc or as a digital download.


$8 - CD in environmental friendly packaging shipped to your door. ($12 to outside the US)

$8 - High Quality DRM free downloadable files.

Also don't forget this friday, Jan 31st at  6th & Oak Gallery
The Metroschifter plays with Minnow and Straight A's at 10pm.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Metroschifter show and upcoming record release!

From Noise Pollution:

Metroschifter to Release First New Music in Eight Years
Recording will be personalized for buyers and home-delivered

Pat McClimans, Chris Reinstatler, and Scott Ritcher have teamed up again as The Metroschifter to record their sixth long-playing release and the group's first since 2000. Louisville label Noise Pollution will be issuing the recording.

Like the group's first album in 1994, the band will accept reservations for the new recording several months prior to its release date so that each copy of the record can be personalized with the buyer's name. "Carbonistas" will be available in compact disc format or as a set of high-quality digital files.

Unique Compact Disc Packaging
The innovative eco-friendly design of the compact disc package allows the discs to be postmarked for home delivery directly on the front cover. As a result, in addition to being personalized, each CD will have unique, stamped and dated artwork.

Digital Audio Files
Buyers also have the option of ordering a near-zero carbon footprint version of the record, delivered electronically as a set of high-quality digital audio files. These DRM-free files will display the buyer's name in personalized artwork when played on an iPod, iPhone, or other compatible device.

Inside "Carbonistas"
Metroschifter will be finalizing the recording in early February. "Carbonistas" contains over 30 minutes of new music. Track titles include "Murder," "It's All Fucked Up In Dixie," "America Is a Prison" and "Goodbye Narragansett." The new material should please Metroschifter fans who have enjoyed the group's distorted, thunderous, sometimes mathematical music, laden with personal and emotional lyrics.

Reservation Process
Beginning Thursday, January 22 at noon Eastern Time, on the group's website www.metroschifter.com, fans will be able to reserve their own personalized copies of the release which will be home-delivered in May 2009.

Cost for the CD is $8.00 including delivery in the US, $12.00 elsewhere. Downloadable files are $8.00 regardless of location and will be delivered via the internet several weeks earlier than the CD.

Special discounted pricing is available when multiple copies are reserved bearing the same name. Retail stores, music distributors, groups of friends, street gangs, couples, baseball teams, et cetera, are encouraged to order copies personalized with their group name.

The reservation period for the personalized editions will run until April 9 at noon Eastern or until an undisclosed but predetermined limited number of units have been sold, whichever comes first. Because of this, fans are encouraged to reserve their copies as early as possible.

Metroschifter will also be playing their first local show of 2009 at The 6th and Oak Gallery with Minnow and the Straight A's. Show starts at 10pm.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Frisbee CD release show at Skybar

I've been hearing some whispers about Frisbee and hearing some tunes from Aaron Frisbee's site for the time being and am happy to say I am really impressed. How cool is it to actually have your real last name be "Frisbee"?  The other kick ass thing is that Aaron atcually realizes that albums are supposed to mean something and should have a continuity to them and not just be jumbled and meaningless; an artform that is getting lost in the world of itunes and top 40 single downloads.
Bonus is that from the looks of the poster you gets your choice of a tshirt or a cd at the door for yer five buckerinos! If you see a tall dude in your way with a Nikon around his neck, say hello! See you there!

De --> tails:
Frisbee w/ Kristen Cothron and OK DJs
Saturday, January 24th
Sky Bar
131 Breckenridge Lane
Louisville KY
8p Door / 9p Show / $5

The unknown Love capital of the world!

Now that I have your attention, February 3rd marks the release of the 9th edition of "Louisville is for Lovers" featuring some of Louisville's finest musicians brought to you by the king of local love, John King! As you know, we'e huge fans of John and what he does by getting bands together on a collective album for folks to sample and what better time to enjoy it that than in the cold, cold month of February.

Volume 9 will will feature 19 tracks and will be released on CD and for the first time on Double LP (Karate Body Records) later in the month of February in a limited run of 500 colored slabs of sweet, sweet vinyl!

This year we asked John if we could do anything to help and will assist in the final production of a bonus disc that will be included in the first 100 copies. The bonus disc will feature an addition 50 minutes of original love songs from new bands and your favorites.
track listing:
1. the come hithers-your’e just one
2. black kerouac-cold gold
3. deer meet-take me high
4. the ladybirds-the map of love
5. the cut family foundation-free, who?
6. the sandpaper dolls-pretending to be wise
7. lucky pineapple-altamira
8. the deloreans-la la love
9. pure dirt-is it true?

10. teneia sanders-joan’s song
11. ben & whit-the only time
12. eremy*jirvin-on my own

13. paul mcgee-i never realized
14. bonnie ‘prince’ billy w/cheyenne mize- the girl in me
15. the fervor w/dave cronin-same state
16. whistle peak-elbows and ankles
17. she wears lipstick-sext messages
18. the gallery singers-all that’s left
19. the mack-prisoner’s lake

bonus disc track listing:
1. the trophy wives-untitled
2. chemic-ice floor
3. dice bringer-please do not use
4. second story man-who i am
5. hambone-ramblin’ man
6. tamara dearing-i’ll be alright
7. tom curtis-whiskey and blisters
8. natural geographic-we will always be here
9. iamis-a trillion blessings
10. ultra pulverize-membrane lane

11. zavala-super vision
12. murals- thief


Ultra Pulverize - Membrane Lane

IAMIS - One Trillion Blessings

She Wears Lipstick - Sext Messages

Second Story Man - Who Am I

Only 500 made so snatch your copy before all the Will Oldham feinds worldwide gobble them up!
Pre-order here or get your copy down at Ear X-tacy.

There will also be two shows in support of the CD... an acoustic showcase at the Lounge on the 11th featuring Teniea Sanders, eremy jervin, the Sand Paper Dolls, and Paul McGee and a show on Valentine's Day (the 14th) featuring the Mack, Teneia Sanders, the Ladybirds, Deer Meet, and the Deloreans (fuck I loved that car!) We'll remind you about the support shows closer to their dates...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Follow the Train's Final Performance 01/10

Hello all, I know we've been distant... we suck but thanks for hanging in there! We're very sad to report that Follow the Train will play it's last show this Saturday. The Train has given us one hell if a ride in it's current form of Dennis Sheridan on guitar/vocals, James Hewett on drums, Mike Sabo on guitar, Carlos Ramos on bass (Justin Davis from 1/07-7/07) , Brandon Jones on percussion, and Dave Cronin on keyboards.

Lucky Pineapple and Draft Riots will also play the show and if you haven't seen either of these guys, there are two more reasons to get out to the show.

As a special treat and with the awesome help of local taper and music aficionado Brian Porter, we bring you the first show from Follow the Train in it's most recent lineup at Lisa's Oak Street Lounge back in early 2007. (Sorry I haven't even had a chance to listen and insert songs names...)

01 Track 01.mp3
02 Track 02.mp3
03 Track 03.mp3
04 Track 04.mp3
05 Track 05.mp3
06 Track 06.mp3
07 Track 07.mp3
08 Track 08.mp3

Please make an effort to get out and give these guys one awesome send off, we'll miss you FTT!

Saturday, Jan. 10
@ Headliner's Music Hall (1386 Lexington Rd)
FOLLOW THE TRAIN (in their final stage appearance)
Doors at 9pm
Music at 10pm