Album Reviews

Below is a list of 37 Flood Album Reviews in chronological order. Click titles to see article.

Adventure 'World of Hurt' LP

Danzig Sings Elvis LP

Drift City 'Mercurial Mirrors' LP

Batwizard 'Voidfiend' EP

DJ DS 'Vibes' Mixtape

Mattiel 'Satis Factory' LP

Tristen 'Dream Within A Dream' 7"

Vive La Void LP

Frankie Cosmos 'Vessel' LP

Jack White 'Boarding House Reach' LP

The Breeders 'All Nerve' LP

Howell Dawdy 'A Howell Dawdy Christmas' LP

Cindy Wilson 'Change' LP

Cory Branan 'Adios' LP

Watter 'History Of The Future' LP

Book Review: 'Riding With The Ghost'
 The biography of Jason Molina by Erin Osmon

White Reaper "World's Best American Band" LP

Planetary Overdrive S/T LP

Jaye Jayle/Emma Ruth Rundle 
'The Time Between Us' EP

Scott H. Biram 'Bad Testament'

KFC’s Nashville Colonel and His Fabulous Band
 'C-O-L-O-N-E-L/Nashville-Centric Boogie' 12" single

Anagnorisis 'Peripeteia'

Twin Limb 'Haplo'

Black Mountain 'IV'

Tender Mercy "It Was You" EP

Freakwater  "Scheherazade" LP

Trucker Tits storybook and compilation 7"

Death Grips 'Niggas On The Moon'

Black Birds of Paradise LP (Louisville)

Gubbey Records Head Cleaner

Scott H. Biram 'Nothin' But Blood' LP

bonnie 'prince' billy Self Titled LP

Injecting Strangers EP (Cincinnati)

Julie Of The Wolves Create/Destroy LP (Louisville) 

IAMIS/Tamara Dearing Split 7" (Louisville)

Maiden Radio "Lullabies" LP

Giving Up/Putting out Cassette

Bonnie "Prince" Billy & Phantom Family Halo
 "The Mindeater" EP

Deer Meet "you can walk across it on the grass" LP

Ultra Pulverize "underground vol.1"

The Fervor "Arise Great Warrior"

The Deloreans "American Craze"