Friday, November 30, 2007

Two Cool Ben Sollee Vids

These videos were done by Keith Robbins. The first one features Ben Performing @ 4th Street live with some other musicians. In the second vid Ben performs part of "Bury Me With My Car". Thanks for sending these in Keith!

Petticoat, Petticoat @ Jenicca's Friday Night 11/30

Petticoat, Petticoat is a great sounding Indie/Pop band from just down the road in Lexington. Tonight @ 9pm they will be playing a show at local Wine Bar/Cafe Jenicca's located on E. Market. It should be worth checking out.

(edit: I forgot to mention that the show is $FREE)

Petticoat, Petticoat - Glittering Heels
Petticoat, Petticoat - Love in an Alley

Petticoat, Petticoat - Money
(This song is a live track from My Old Kentucky Blog. You can check out 2 others that were recored that day here.)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Holiday Shopping Ideas courtesy of Consuming Louisville

Our friends over at Consuming Louisville have come up with an inventive list of gift ideas for those that are are struggling to think of that perfect gift for someone or wants to give a gift with that local Louisville flavor. From t-shirts to homemade spices, you'll likely find something to tickle your fancy. Thanks for the ideas Michelle!

Read the List!

Paste Magazine... Choose yer price!

Just a quick notice to those that are interested in reading about music. Paste magazine is one of the fastest growing INDEPENDENTLY published magazines in the US. Every issues comes with an awesome sampler cd that gets plenty of play in my car stereo and allows me to sample new independent artists from around the country. The articles are usually very well written and it's just an all around good magazine. I'm not trying to really promote for them or anything so I'll get on to my point...

Paste is offering a "pick your price" promotion for a one year subscription (you must pay at least a dollar.) You can give gift subscriptions and you can also renew a subscription if you already read the beauty that is Paste. I had subscribed earlier this summer at the price of $19.99 but renewed for another year for a dollar (call me a tightwad but bucks are tight and magazines make tons on advertising.) Just a heads up to those that are looking for a cheap gift for xmas or a good toilet reader.

check out the Paste Podcast.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Archiving Wax Fang, Part Two...

This little girl to the left may be Wax Fang's youngest fan. As I sat on the staircase, I watched her Dad zip around the area where Scott, Kevin and Jake had assembled snapping shot after shot. It should be noted that she was not wearing headphones, she was wearing ear protection as Wax Fang nearly blew the windows out of the Bardstown Road located record store, Ear X-tacy this past tuesday.

I took some pictures from my perch at the bottom of the staircase as well as a recording of the show that turned out well besides some distortion on the bass end of the recording. I think maybe I had the mics a little too close to the speakers. That being said, if there are any audiophiles out there that could better repair the recording, please let me know.

Photo slideshow located here.

Download the entire show at this link.

1 Avant Guardian Angel Dust
2 WWII (part 2)
3 Cannibal Summer
4 Majestic
5 Can You See The Light?
6 Bi Polar Bear
7 The Doctor Will See You Now
8 Oh Recklessness
9 Black and Endless Night Revisited

Buy Wax Fang's new album "La La Land" here or locally at Ear X-tacy or your local indie record store.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Archiving Wax Fang, Part One...

Last Saturday we went to the album release show for Wax Fang; for those who made it out, you know it was a great show. From Lucky Pineapple's high energy opening set to Centipede E'est (Scott Carney's pals from his second home, Pittsburg) rocking the foreign crowd ultimately leading to Wax Fang's brilliant set.

Lucky Pineapple has recently lost David Cundiff as bassist, and swiftly added Aaron Hodge (of Louisville bands Wino, Mr. Panic Button, WEAPONS, and most recently The Radium Screen) to their lineup. This was the first time we've seen LP since Leboswki Fest back in July, and they managed to slay the Louisville crowd with fruity vibrations once again; thanks LP!

On to the Wax Fang content... the show was a great wirlwind that encompassed nearly the entire new album as well as some tracks from the past. If you've been out to see WF at all this past year you will notice several tracks from the album as they have been testing them on us for some time now. Great show fellas and now on to the media!

Photos of Lucky Pineapple, Centipede E'est, and the Fang... here!

Play songs from the show below and/or download full show here.

1 Avant Guardian Angel Dust
2 World War II (pt. 2)
3 At Sea
4 Cannibal Summer
5 Sweet Bloody Murder
6 Majestic
7 Can You See the Light?
8 Sound Observations
9 Bi-Polar Bear
10 The Doctor Will See You Now
12 Wake Up Sleepyhead
14 Oh Recklessness
15 Black and Endless Night Revisited

Buy Wax Fang's New Album "La La Land" here or locally at Ear X-tacy.

Tomorrow: Archiving Wax Fang, Part Two. Ear X-tacy's in store performance revisited.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cabin, Arnett Hollow and Paper Airplane...

Tomorrow is the 4th installment of the Homegrown Music Series down at 4th Street Live. Representing Louisville will be Paper Airplane, Arnett Hollow and Cabin.
Sample some tracks below and get your turkey stuffing faces out in the cold to support these bands playing tomorrow night, Happy Thanksgiving!

Arnett Hollow - In Motion (live)
Arnett Hollow - The River Gives
Cabin - Musical Seats
Cabin - Beauty in the East End
Paper Airplane - Bullfrog Man
Paper Airplane - Clean Again

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wax Fang Album Release TONIGHT!!


Headliners Music Hall
Louisville, KY
doors: 8pm


Ben Sollee - WFPK set and Photos from 21c

Click here for a slide show of pictures from the Ben Sollee's album release party last night at 21c. If you didn't get out to the show last night, the second performance is tonight at the beautiful 21c Museum Hotel.

We also recorded Ben's set from WFPK yesterday and you can download it below or listen to each track individually. There are a few song names we don't know so any help would be appreciated.

Buy Ben's new album "Learning to Bend" here.

1 intro
2 unknown song
3 banter
4 The Prettiest Tree on the Mountain
5 Chocolate Jesus
6 I Can't
7 banter
8 Bury Me With My Car
9 Throwing Stones
10 interview
11 Unknown song
12 Unknown song
13 Turn on the Moon
14 Five Miles from Town
15 When Doves Cry
16 Unknown song
17 banter
18 Unknown song

Click here to download the entire performance.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Ben Sollee album release show at 21c Museum

Local cellist and singer-songwriter Ben Sollee will be performing a pair of shows this friday and saturday at the 21c Museum and Hotel on Main Street.
Ben Sollee is a native Kentuckian and a graduate of the University of Louisville. Ben is one quarter of The Sparrow Quartet; a group of musicians including Abigail Washburn, Casey Driessen, and Bela Fleck. In the summer of 2006 the quartet played shows in China and became the first official U.S. cultural mission to tour Tibet.
Friday and saturday's shows will included a photographic series by Mickie Winters as well as dance, spoken word, a string quartet along with a few other surpries.
Tickets are available at the door for 10 bucks.

Ben Sollee - Turn on the Moon

Ben Sollee - Throwing Stones

Also, here is a cool video of the Sparrow Quartet in China last year...