Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Review: Batwizard 'Voidfiend' EP

It can be said that all things music comes back around again. Genres like punk and grunge are continually resurrected with a new twist added each time. The Misfits turned campy 50s horror rock into a respectable punk genre that has endured for decades.

In recent years both doom and thrash metal have made leaps outside of the diehard metal circles that hung in from their heyday in the 1980s to again claim their seat in popular culture. With Agent Orange on a nonstop years long tour, and Sleep awakening to commercial success. Body Count never stopped, and is set to release a new album, Carnivore, in March. And then there new players on the scene like Louisville's Total Void and Batwizard.

 Batwizard snatches the most mineable bits of California thrash and doom into their new 4 song EP, Voidfiend, released last week. In 2018 Batwizard released Medustrich in which the 8 songs largely alternated between doom and thrash, while Voidfiend blends the best of both at once, mixing the mystics of Iron Maiden with the earthly anguish of Suicidal Tendencies and more than a dash of good old fashion doom.


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Our Most Popular Posts of the Decade: 2010-2019

It's hard to imagine that 37FLOOD got its start 13 Years ago, on March 7th (37 born on 3/7) 2007,  all these years later we have the distinction of being Louisville's longest running Music & Entertainment blog, with over half a million individual readers since our first post!

Here are some of our most popular posts since 2010:

J Perry's Best of The Decade List: We often ask musicians to share their favorite music and entertainment lists. J Perry of the Deloreans gave us his favorites list from 2000-2010, which is our Most read 'Favorites' list of all time!

The most read editorial of the last decade was John King's expose of the city government covering up bad publicity of Gill Holland's gentrification attempts of Portland while running for city councilmen (which he lost). The article is called How To Deal With Louisville's Refugees of Economicide.  It remains the most read editorial in 37FLOOD history!

Our most read album review of the last decade was of Scott H. Biram's Bad Testament LP (and we adored it) that was released in February of 2017. Our 2nd most popular album review was of Jack White's Boarding House Reach (which we were less favorable).

Our most read interview of the decade was from April 2017 with Craig Bell, founding member of influential classic punk bands Rocket From The Tombs, X_____X, and Mirrors.

Our most read event review of the last decade was a review of Forecastle 2018 called It's the End Of the World, about the dangerous atmosphere in Party Cove, and how our reporter and photographer were threatened by event goers. Despite having the record for the longest online news source to cover the annual event, we have not been invited back by Forecastle management.

Our second most read  event review was of Forecastle 2010 written by 37FLOOD writer Dylan Greenwood. Dylan's review also holds the distinction of having the most viewed photo on 37FLOOD:
This photo of Grace Potter playing Forecastle 2010 is the most viewed photo on 37FLOOD, which brings us to the most used Google search term (besides 37FLOOD) sending traffic to our site: Grace Potter legs.