Monday, August 30, 2010

LFPL gets by with a little help from their friends...

The Louisville Free Public Library has just launched a cool feature that highlights local music right here in Louisville. The LFPL's Music Corner is a place to find local music at your local library and check it out to sample music you may otherwise overlook. CDs can be reserved at various branches online and if it's checked out, you can reserve it for the future.
After talking to Scott Condra who champions the program, I am sending a call out to you local musicians that read the site and ask that you possibly help out Scott at the Library by donating a few copies of your albums for kids and grown-ups alike to sample your tunes. This is a different world that when I was a wee one and there's MyFace and SpaceBook for your to market yourselves but why not flip it back to old school and help us keep our local libraries open and relevant when they attempt innovation. After all, what local artist couldn't use a few more pairs of ears listening to them; you never know, you may spark some inspiration in the youth of this fair city who may not be able to use a computer at home or get to the bars to hear you, etc.

Thanks for listening and lending our public services a hand!

To coordinate with Scott, email him at

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tamara Dearing CD Release Shows

Tamara Dearing's new CD hits the streets next weekend and so far we're liking what we're hearing. Dearing will be performing at EarXtacy and Vernon Lanes on Sunday, September 4th to celebrate the release.

The in-store at Ear Xtacy is at 2pm and is free of charge.

The official CD release show is at Vernon Lanes. 37Flood favorites iAMIs and Squeeze-bot will open the show. The Female Art Collective featuring Laura Patterson, a.k.a. Bootsie Anne, will be selling their wares as well. Tickets are $10.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Zombie Attack Weekend Calendar of Events 8/28-8/29

THE END IS NIGH. Very Nigh. This weekend the 6th annual LOUISVILLE ZOMBIE ATTACK tears onto Bardstown Road and into BEARNO'S Highlands Pizza.
Below is your guide to the weekend's events:

Double Feature DEAD SNOW (2009) & DAWN OF THE DEAD (2004). At Bearno's 8pm. FREE. all ages/both films Rated R.

@ Bearno's on Bardstown rd. 8:29 pm FREE/ALL AGES with DJ JAKE, OK ZOMBIE, J GLENN, CHADWICK WILDE, THE LOUISVILLE BALLET SCHOOL. Movies, Music, Costume Contests. prizes given for Hotest, Grossest, King & Queen, and Golden Machete.

visit ZOMBIE ATTACK WEBPAGE for more information.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Preview: Another 7 Astronauts & The Gallery Singers 9/3 @ Glassworks

The Gallery Singers are playing a rare show on Friday September 3rd on the glassworks rooftop with Lucky Pineapple member JC Denison's 15 member contemporary orchestra, Another Seven Astronauts, along with special guests OK DEEJAYS. it is the last show of the summer rooftop music series, and a special one too, everyone in attendance will receive a free split 7" with exclusive work by Another 7 Astronauts and The Gallery Singers. this record will only be available at the show, a must have for fans of either band.

another 7 Astronauts-Las Vegas

info:Another 7 Astronuats & the Gallery Singers @ Glassworks Rooftop $8 8pm 21+ indoor space reserved for rain.

review: Joan Jett at KSF 8/19

who doesn't love Joan Jett? as a child i had a big ol' crush on her. even then my taste for brunettes was in full swing; cat woman, agent 99, Uhura...
but anyway, about 10 years ago my love for Joan Jett was solidified. and here is why: i was dating a nice, beautiful brunette named Soda Pop (no relation to the Outsiders) who was an airline stewardess. one trip Joan Jett was in the 1st class area, and the 1st class stewardess came running back crying saying that Joan had grabbed her ass. So Soda Pop, switched with the girl and decided to flirt with Joan that heeded no results, so she decided to bend over in front of her, giving Joan ample squeezable ass, and was very shocked that Joan Jett shrugged and just asked if the little blond girl was ever coming back..
Even in her shaved head phase, Joan Jett has that allure.
honestly Joan Jett has a reputation for being incredibly nice, and is a very outspoken Vegetarian, health nut, and PETA member. at 52, she has a body and enthusiasm of a 20 year old. when she played thursday night at the Kentucky State Fair, she came running out in tight jeans and skate shoes, and that precocious smile and jumped right into "bad reputation". she is a performer, indeed, by talking to the crowd, proclaiming love for the city she's playing for, and getting the audience to sing along. this especially present for the fourth song in her set, "Do You Wanna Touch Me (oh yeah)", by having the audience start the song singing the chorus "Yeah, oh yeah, oh Yeah" and building the song up from there. it was pretty awesome, and usually audience participation makes me nervous. she sang the song, and several others, in a higher sweeter voice than her normal deep voice, which cought me off guard, but was very enjoyable.
i traditionally record the 3rd song in the set only, which was "Light Of Day", and is a great song, but wished i had recorded this very different version of Do You Wanna Touch Me..
but it actually doesn't matter, because i do all my recording, photos, and notes on my iphone, and it freaked out and died, erasing everything i had done on it during the show. and i even took a photo, purely for your enjoyment, of the guy sitting in front of me, and his shirt that said TWO PUMP CHUMP.
i don't know if my mother understood that, she probably did, but didn't say anything about it. I had asked my mother what she wanted for her birthday, and she wanted to see Joan Jett; my mother is probably cooler than yours.
my mother, in her mid 60's, has a very good taste in music, and she even enjoys new music as well. my father told me once that, at a certain age a person looses taste for new music, and that age is usually around 35. if so, i only have a few years left, and i do believe this can be true, but not for everybody.. my mother is not this way, she loves all types of music; new music, old music, country music, and even 80's pop punk.
My mother is also a nurse. and 3 songs in my mother leans over and says she thinks Joan Jett is suffering from some type of health issue. which i didn't believe, Joan Jett's physic shows absolute discipline. but then she sat down for a moment, and then by the 7th song she had a stool to sit on. and then it became very noticeable that something was wrong. she played and sang like a trooper, but after awhile wasn't able to stand. two men helped her off stage, and back again, where she made an announcement that she was fine, but that her legs were not working too well, but she was gonna keep playing. and she did, and if there was anyone there that wasn't totally impressed by her until then, they were now.
she played for an hour and half with full on rock enthusiasm, even sitting down. she told stories, as much as a Joan Jett story can be; she keeps her personal life close to her chest.. and sang about sex mostly; about boys (i love rock and roll), about girls(Crimson and Clover), about the in-between (androgynous)..
she said in an interview once that she doesn't want to make public her exact sexual desires and preferences because she doesn't want anyone to feel excluded when they listen to her music. she even mused that maybe that was a cop-out, but she really wanted for everyone to be able to relate to her music. and she was right, that stadium was packed, and with all types of people, from young punk girls holding hands with each other to old bikers, and everyone was loving her.

some of John's favorite pop culture brunettes:

Agent 99

Catwoman Eartha Kitt

Miss Joan Jett

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cabin Still Rolling

It's been a few months since Cabin's comeback, if you can call it that, Among the Rectangles and Changeable Parts. I expected a ton of Cabin shows to pop up following their great CD release party. Members have implied in interviews that they are going to decide whether or not they're going to keep going on as a band based on how the months following the release of the album went. Keeping that in mind, I've been keeping a keen eye on the shows they've been announcing. Right now, they have a few regional shows booked including a date at the New Albany Riverfront Amphitheater on Friday, September 3rd. The show is free.

Also, they will be on Radio Radio in Indianapolis alongside Carl Broemel of My Morning Jacket. Keep doing your thing, Cabin!

review: Scott H. Biram @ Zanzibar 8/11/10

somewhere around 1991 blues music collapsed into this polished middle aged suburban dance hall music that you couldn't escape. every bar with live music, wedding reception, or summer picnic was cursed with pot bellied white guys playing "mustang Sally".
a few years ago this guy i know said "the blues is what white children dance to at outdoor events". growing up listening to Jimmy Reed, Baby Face Leroy Trio, Lightnin' Hopkins, it is always painful hearing this new Blues, elevator music for divorcee's, and thinking that this is what most people think of when they hear the term "blues Music".
the same argument could be made for Country music. most people i know would rather be subjected to a root canal than contemporary Country music. believe it or not there is some great country music being played out there (see Larry Bagby), and Blues as well.
There is a resurgence of
drunk & Lonely blues and country music throughout the south, with bands like Lucero paving the way and introducing new people to this age old art of self loathing sing a longs. it's helping artists like Scott H. Biram and Chadwick Wilde get a spotlight and perhaps a fighting chance.
unlike the super polished blues rock of The Black Keys, Biram's brand of blues is gritty and honest, like reading the diary of a down and out barfly (just listen to "Wreck My Car"). i've heard many Biram fans say that his music is relatable to their own lives. and then there is something romantic about alcoholism that can be just as addictive.
Scott H. Biram played on August 11th at Zanzibar to a crowd of less than 30. He had the misfortune of playing the same night as The Black Keys, his exact demographic. despite trying my damnedest to convert Black Keys Loyalists, there is something about embracing something that is already established, something we know it's OK to like, and despite Biram's large catalogue of music, he has yet to make that leap.
Jon Ashley started the evening with a very quiet set; a long way away from his explosive alter ego that we saw in nearly a decade ago in the band "the Slow Suicide". he was accompanied by Chadwicke Wilde, and even with twice as many people as Scott Biram, this set had less than half the enthusiasm as Biram's.
Honestly Jon Ashley makes me nervous. he has made a name for himself for being completely unreasonable, irrational and physically and verbally assaulting. on his record label's website his biography even brags about his abrasive personality stating "Jon Ashley was born in Frankfort, Kentucky in January of 1982. He has been irritating people ever since..." and "He apologizes for any annoyance, mental or physical abuse he may have caused any of you over the past ten years..." so i was a little surprised to see him so tamed, and quiet, as if he were nearly asleep, or a million miles away. the last time i saw him play i really enjoyed it. his lyrics and music had hooks that stuck with you. this time he seemed to be annoyed to be playing there and without any enthusiasm he mumbled out lyrics that were a little too on the nose for this type of crowd like "i got drunk, sobered up, and got drunk again". and at the end of his set he asked for his money and walked out the door. anyway, i'd rather not get assaulted the next time i run into him, so i'll move on, but i will say if you catch the right Jon Ashley you could be in for a nice set.

Scott Biram by contrast was explosive from the start with a healthy mix of Texas Gospel & Blues (see Reverend Overstreet), Country, and metal fused blues. singing, playing guitar, harmonica, and stomping out a beat, he got nearly every girl in the place up and dancing. he was fucked up and saucy, saying that he got drunk waiting for the Black Keys to end to see if more people would show up. after his 3rd song he asked the crowd how many times he had played it. even sideways he played passionately and stumblingly great, rambling on in between songs, telling stories and asking ridiculous questions. it would have seemed like he was playing the part of a drunk texas bluesman if it didn't seem so authentic. He played as long as the crowd kept dancing, and mixed in blues standards with some of his best songs such as "Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue" and at the end he stood up , hollered "gimmie my money, i'm getting the fuck outta here! oh, i'm just kidding!" and then proceeded to stumble around the room apologizing for being "such a ridiculous person." no need to apologize Scott Biram, your honest and captivating music is saving the Blues name one person at a time.

 "my momma told me, you better fuck around!" 
Alcohol Blues
Live at Zanzabar 8/11/10

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Zombies VS Pirates: you decide 8/29 & 9/4

there are many philosophical questions we are faced with from time to time: where did we come from? where are we going? are we inherently good or bad? which is better Zombies or Pirates?
as Louisivillians in the upcoming weeks we are faced with an interesting challenge..
On Sunday August 29th at 9pm at bearno's on Bardstown RD the 6th Annual ZOMBIE ATTACK is running for the Largest Zombie Gathering as sanctioned by THE GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS. The record to beat is just over 3,000, so they need everyone to come out and help bring the tittle to louisville (from England, America needs this during these uncertain times).

and Saturday on September 4, The Frazier International History Museum will be celebrating their Founder's Day by attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the largest pirate gathering. the record here is 1722.

Luckily they are on different days, so you don't have to decide. you can do both.

for more information on Zombie Attack visit the website here.

For more information on The Frazier Museum visit the site here.

Louisville Zombie Attack on 8/29 at 8:29. photo by Gary Quick.

Monday, August 16, 2010

upcoming album release shows, albums, and events

over the years i have gotten quite a few emails from peeps all around the world asking about full length albums from Louisville Is For Lovers mainstays. this includes Whistle Peak, The Deloreans, The Gallery Singers, and Tamara Dearing (pronounced Camera with a T).
Just recently a nice girl in Vancouver asked me to comprise a list of upcoming albums and events from some of our Louisville Favorites. and since you love louisville music, i will share it with you as well.

First of all The Deloreans and Whistle are both working on new albums, that should be released within the next 6 months, for now you can pick up their debut releases:
The Deloreans "Love Outrageous" LP
Whistle Peak self titled LP

Tamara Dearing has a new album coming out next month, and the album release show will be at Vernon Club with Squeezebot and Iamis Sep.4th 8pm 21+ $10.
you can pick up her last LP"Yesterconfessions" here.

The Gallery Singers will be making a rare appearance along with Another 7 Astronauts for the last Glassworks Rooftop Event of the summer on Sep.3rd, 8 pm $8, 21+ and everyone in attendance will receive a free split 7" of the 2 bands. a must for fans of either band.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

9/11 Latin Cultural Celebration w/ COSA SERIA

the 6th Annual Adelante Latin Rooftop Dance Party, is a Benefit for the Adelante Achievers (and louisville likes it's Achievers), with music by louisville's most loved Salsa group COSA SERIA on the rooftop, and Tapas & tequila tasting provided by Jarfi's on the first floor. admission to the roof is $10, and tix for the food and drink are $20.

Saturday, September 11th, from 8pm with Cosa Seria @ Glassworks Building, 815 West Market Street. read more about the Adeante Achievers program here.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dark Night Of The Soul revisited

a year and a half ago we reviewed a wonderful collaboration between Danger mouse and Sparklehouse called DARK NIGHT OF THE SOUL. (read the review here). the full length album contains a mountain of guest musicians such as Iggy Pop, vic chestnut, Susan Vega, Frank Black and others. at the time of our review the album had not been formally released due to fears of a legal battle between Danger mouse and EMI. so the album creators leaked the album on file share sites and sold a limited edition book of 100+ color photographs inspired by the music created by cult film director David Lynch, and came with a blank CDR with the album name printed on it.
on July 15th the album finally got a proper release, which came too late for co-creator Mark linkous (Sparklehouse) who died under suspicious circumstances in March (see our obituary here).
it is a very worthwhile album to have, especially if you are a Sparklehorse fan, as this may be the last posthumous work of his we will get. the album is available here. and for any photographers out there, right now Hipstomatic is running a photo contest and the winners receive free signed copies of the album, as well as other stuff like iphones. read more about it here.

Susan Vega playing the man who played god from DNOTS.


8/13 Teneia Sanders @ Friday Night All Stars. Bearno's on Bardstown RD, 1318 Bardstown Road. 10:00PM

8/14 Ultra Pulverize @ zanzabar

8/14 David Alan Coe @ Rustic Frog New Albany $25

8/15 herbie hancock at Brown Theater. 7pm $70

8/16 Black Joe Lewis @ Zanzabar 8pm

8/19 Joan Jett FREE at Kentucky State Fair 8pm 37 FLOOD APPROVED!

Get Out There And Go Nuts!

if we've left out anything please leave it in a comment.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Joan Jett 8/19 FREE

Let's face it, you love rock n' roll, and you don't have to put a dime in no juke box to get it.. living legend Joan Jett is playing for free at the Kentucky State Fair. well, yes you have to pay to get in the fair, and navigate through the parking lot, but you always have fun at the fair, so get down there, get an elephant ear, see some livestock and then get hit by some of the best pop rock 80's America had to offer.

Joan Jett and the Blackhearts with special guest Run With Bulls
Thursday, August 19 - Cardinal Stadium FREE

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

embrace your inner Proletariat! Scott Biram 8/11 David Alan Coe 8/14

tonite is the ultimate show down. in one brightly lit corner (the beautiful Iroquois amphitheater) is everyone's favorite blues revivalists Black Keys. In the Other smaller orner is lesser known bluesman Scott H. Biram. no Doubt the Black Keys show will have all the bells and whistles a $40 ticket promises. $8 at Zanzabar offers a man on stage. but i find myself with the same enthusiasm for Biram that i had for the Keys way back when they were playing small barrooms and selling records out of a van. there is just some kind of energy from a musician playing music he loves for whomever will listen, with no guarantee or VIP meet and Greet sessions. for my money, i'd rather give it to the under dog, the man playing the same night one of the biggest bands in the country is playing down the street, and doesn't seem to mind there might be only a few people there to witness.
so i say, give the little man a chance, take a chance on yourself, take that other path.
and for that matter, next week you'll have a chance to take a truly different path when David Alan Coe plays the Rustic Frog in New Albany. here are 3 reasons you should do this.
1) it is the only time you'll drive on old river road and not be heading to a casino.
2)it is at a strip club
3)this is the man that sang "I was drunk the day my mom got out of prison..."
david alan coe at the rustic frog sat 14th new albany. $25

Friday, August 6, 2010

call to Artists!

1) Last chance to enter your short film to 21c Museum & Louisville Film Society’s 3rd Annual Short Film & Video Showcase. the Deadline: Monday, August 9 and the Screening: Tuesday, September 21.
last year, over 50 films were submitted and 13 chosen to be projected under the stars with several hundred in attendance on the 21c Parking Garage rooftop.
Mail all submissions to:
The Louisville Film Society
1355 Bardstown Road, Suite 108
Louisville, KY 40204

2)Blessings in a backpack is an organization that helps needy children get healthy food after school. they are looking for graphic designers to make t-shirts designs in any genre for a charity auction and possible national ad campaign. contact number:800-872-4366.

get to work, this could be the chance you've been looking for!

9/19 Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons

My Mother loves this Man. he was a beckon of good clean fun, in time full of temptations...
he is playing in Whitney Hall at the Kentucky Center on Sunday September 19, at 7pm.
if you are a fan of this 60's style genre, and can't wait until september, Jersey Boys is playing now at Whitney Hall as well.

the young lady close ups are priceless.


8/6-8/8 Lollapalooza @ Grant Park, Chicago IL. $215 Lady Gaga, Devo, the Walkmen, more.

8/6 Harlequins @ Zanzabar 8pm.

8/7 Ragin' Cagun' with Lagniappe at LVAA $35 music/food included

get out there and go nuts!

if we've forgot anything please leave it in a comment.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

8/15 Herbie Hancock at the Brown Theater

Rockit Man Herbie Hancock has made a name for himself in many genres from Jazz to Hop Hop with a career spanning 5 decades, and shows no sign of slowing down. in 2008 he won a grammy for best album for "River".
he will be playing Sunday 15 August 2010 at 7:30pm at the Brown theater. tickets are not cheap, ranging from $37.50-$69.50, but this man is a living legend...

Monday, August 2, 2010

PAJO W/Interpol plays Letterman

"Kinda weird seeing Interpol with Dave Pajo.." stated Pitchfork Media of Interpol's performance last week on Letterman. i'd say it was no weirder than seeing Pajo play with Zwan on Letterman. i think the weirdest thing was Pajo having to fit into the interpol suit and haircut guidelines. Poor guy, i don't think i've felt so bad for a man getting paid so well. If Pajo honors you by gracing the stage with your band, the least you could do is let him dress himself.

zanzabar nights

Zanzabar is heating up this summer, and the patio is a nice place to perch. but if you like it hot they have some shows lined up this August to get your Mercury rising. this weds (8/4) is Cults with nerves JR and friday is Harlequins.
Scott H. Biram is an old timey blues mess set to be seen drenched in booze on the 11th, and Louisville's favorite automaton group, Ultra Pulverize is blazing the stage on Saturday the 14th (these two shows are 37 flood approved!). as previously mentioned on 37 Flood, Black Joe Lewis playing on monday the 16th, and Lydia Burrell is playing with Follow the Train for their album release on Friday the 20th.
can i get an amen? Scott H. Biram!