Thursday, December 28, 2017

Best Of: 2017

It's already the end of the year, and not a moment too soon some would say. And while 2017 has been a difficult one in many respects, when it comes to music it has been a great year. We have seen the return of many musical heavyweights including Future Islands, Bodycount, Kendrick Lamar, and Run The Jewels (our #1 LP pick),  as well as indie favorites Scott H. Biram, Bully, and Angel Olsen (our #1 compilation pick), and of course Louisville favorites like Second Story Man, 1200, RMLLW2LLZ, Quiet Hollers, and Jaye Jayle (our #1 EP pick)! 

Disclaimer: A few years ago we heard a convincing argument by a good friend and music producer about why he declined a 'Best Of' award; the argument being that while you can quantify a 'tallest building', you can't mathematically conclude a 'Best' when it comes to personal taste; be it music, film, or any other art. But keeping with 10 years of tradition here at 37FLOOD, we have kept the title 'Best Of' but would like to express that these are only lists of our 'Favorites' and hope you enjoy them as well.   Click here to read past 37FLOOD 'Best Of' lists.

Share your Favorites  list of 2017 with us for a chance to win a Cassette & Download of the Louisville Is For Lovers Duets EP 'Little Darlin' featuring Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, The Winger Brothers, and more! Send your lists by email here

Favorite Albums:
20. Planetary Overdrive Self-Titled LP
19. 1200 'Séance & Spirit'
18. Quiet Hollers 'Amen Breaks' LP
17. Escape-ism (Ian Svenonius) ‘Introduction To Escape-ism’ LP
16. Bully ‘Losing’ LP
15. Watter 'History Of The Future' LP
14. Zola Jesus ‘Okovi’ LP
13. Public Service Broadcasting ‘Every Valley’ LP
12. Future Islands ‘The Far field’ LP
11. Bodycount ‘Bloodlust’LP
10. Kendrick Lamar ‘Damn’ LP
9. Wax Fang 'Victory Laps' LP
8. White Reaper 'The World's Best American Band' LP
7. L.A. Witch - S/T LP
6. RMLLW2LLZ 'Concerto No​.​9 Movement II' LP
5. Curtis Harding ‘Face Your Fear’ LP
4. Black Angels ‘Death Song’ LP
3. Scott H. Biram 'Bad Testament' LP
2. Second Story Man S/T LP
1. Run The Jewels 'Run The Jewels 3' (37FLOOD Approved!)

Favorite Cover Albums, Compilations, & Live Albums:
10. Jason Molina "The Black Sabbath Covers" 7"
9. Jim James 'Tribute To 2' LP
8. Bonnie "prince" Billy "Wolf of the Cosmos" LP
7. Silicon Valley Soundtrack LP
6. Jackie Shane 'Any Other Way' Numero Collection LP
5. The Replacements "For Sale: Live At Maxwell's 1986' LP
4. Babymetal "Legend Metal Resistance: Black Night" Live
3. John Carpenter 'Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998'
2. Louisville Is For Lovers Vol. 12
1. Angel Olsen 'Phases' LP (37FLOOD Approved!)

Favorite EPs & Singles:

5. Alan Poe & Beatnik Dee 'Composure' EP
4. Kendall Elijah Dynamite & House Ghost 'Sistersingles'  EP
3. The Gallery Singers "POWER TO THE POOR"
1. Jaye Jayle & Emma Ruth Rundle 'The Time Between Us' EP (37FLOOD Approved)

Favorite Reissues:
5. Louisville Is For Lovers Vol.4 Reissue
4. Louisville Is For Lovers Vol.5 Reissue
3. Saredren Wells 'Memories Are Hunting Horns' 5th Anniversary Reissue
2. Wu-Tang Clan ‎"Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)" Deluxe 7" Casebook
1. Louisville Is For Lovers Vol.3 Reissue (37FLOOD Approved)

Favorite Books/Media/Videos:
5. Clownvis Presley 'Don't Be a Bitch (Or You Won't Get Stuff for Christmas)'

4. Quiet Hollers 'Pressure'

3. Babymetal 'Legend Metal Resistance: Red Night'

2.  Hip Hop Evolution (Netflix Documentary)

 1. Erin Osmon 'Riding With The Ghost' the biography of Jason Molina (37FLOOD Approved)

Favorite Live Events:

Jesus And Mary Chain at Headliners. Photo by Kevin Ratterman
10. Forecastle
9. Cindy Wilson at Zanzabar 
8. Jesus And Mary Chain at Headliners
7. Mother Runaway at Kaiju
6. Second Story Man at Zanzabar
5. Louisville Free Public Library After Dark Music Series
(RMLLW2LLZ, Brooks Ritter, Billy Nelson, Jonathan Glenn Wood)
4. Future Islands at Mercury Ballroom
3. Jonathan Richman at Zanzabar
2. Frankie Cosmos at Zanzabar
1. Neil Diamond At Yum!

Neil Diamond at Yum! Bucket

Samuel T. Herring of Future Isands

Cindy Wilson at Zanzabar

Mother Runaway at Kaiju

Jaye Jayle with Emma Ruth Rundle at Forecastle

P.J. Harvey at Forecastle

Charles Bradley at Forecastle

Jesus and Mary Chain at Headliners

Frankie Cosmos at Zanzabar

Second Story Man Album Release Show at Zbar

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Louisville Is For Lovers 2018 Pre-orders and Free EP Available


The 2018 Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's compilation (Release Date 2/2/2018) is now available for pre-order on CD and Digital Download online and at Guestroom Records. Pre-orders get an immediate download of the Duets EP 'Little Darlin' featuring Bonnie 'prince' Billy, Lacey Guthrie, The Winger Brothers, and others. Pre-orders of the Deluxe Edition (available at Guestroom only) will get an immediate cassette copy of the Duets EP.

The 2018 compilation has 22 exclusive tracks by Louisville artists including Adventure, Bon Air, Bonnie 'prince' Billy, Brenda, Frederick The Younger, and more.

The 2018 showcase will be Saturday Feb. 10th, Featuring AdventureSoft Self Portraits, and Mother Runaway at Louisville Free Public Library (301 York street) 6pm-10pm, and is FREE.

There is also an Instore performance at Guestroom records on Feb. 2nd with Brenda and Frederick The Younger at 7pm that is also free.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Album Review: A Howell Dawdy Christmas

Louisville's favorite misanthrope comic hip hop artist Howell Dawdy has just dropped a digital christmas album entitled A Howell Dawdy Christmas.

Howell Dawdy, the alter ego of Louisville Musician Alex Smith, is no stranger to holiday themed music, such as the halloween-esque 'Boo I'm A Ghost' from 2013, or 2014's Flying Reindeer,  which is a Christmas themed reworking of his cult hit Fire Extinguisher, much like James Brown's reworking of Papa's Got A Brand New Bag into Santa's Got A Brand New Bag.

Howell Dawdy's Christmas album runs the gamut from slapstick Alvin and the Chipmunks style holiday tracks such as Rat Christmas, to the surprisingly meaningful Don't Ruin Christmas,  much like LCD Soundsystem's  'Christmas Can Break Your Heart' marking a strange but triumphant return from retirement on Christmas eve 2015.

Christmas is a marvelous time when we do a bunch of things we would never do otherwise, like cover our houses in twinkling lights, drink egg nog, and listen to music we forget about the rest of the year. For those like me, who revel in holiday tradition (and holiday music) there is no lack for Christmas themed music. If holly jolly music is a must in your home this December, and if you are  the good Louisvillians that we know you are,  there is no lack of Louisville Christmas music to brighten your holidays, and you could do much worse than A Howell Dawdy Christmas, or last year's Louisville Covers Christmas from This Man Records.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Louisville Is For Lovers 2018 Album & Showcase Announced

This morning Louisville Is For Lovers announced the Lineup for the 2018 Valentine's compilation, called  'Darlin Beloved', including contributions by Brenda, Bonnie 'prince' Billy, Frederick The Younger, Future Killer, Jaye Jayle, Tender Mercy, Winger Brothers and many more. View the complete lineup here. The release date is Feb. 2nd with Pre-orders available here starting Jan.1st on their website and at Louisville Record Stores.

Also announced is the 2018 Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's Showcase, on Saturday Feb. 10th at Louisville Free Public Library Main Branch (301 York street) featuring AdventureSoft Self Portraits, and Mother Runaway.
 The event is sponsored by the Louisville Free Public Library (LFPL) and the Louisville Underground Music Archive (LUMA) and will start at 6pm with the Wild And Wooly Film Series with a screening of Breadcrumb Trail: The Story Of Slint. More info on the Facebook Event Page.
 6pm-10pm FREE.

Friday, December 8, 2017

New Video: Clownvis Presley "Don't Be a Bitch (Or You Won't Get Stuff for Christmas)"

Everybody's favorite "Show Me State" musical clown,  Clownvis Presley, has just released a new video for the holidays called "Don't Be a Bitch (Or You Won't Get Stuff for Christmas)."

Presley, who has gained a following over the years with his inventive music videos (and a public access TV show) with an extended universe of characters (called the Clownvis Mafia), is no stranger to holiday pomp and pageantry.

Past Presley Christmas offerings include "Coming For You On Christmas", "Mutant Boy Christmas Song", the Clownvis Time! "Clownvis Christmas Special"  and the cult hit "Jesus Christ Eatin' on a Chicken Wing."

Clownvis Presley (Left) with Santa Claus (Right)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Review: Cindy Wilson 'Change' LP

Cindy Wilson, a founding member of the Athens Georgia party-band The B-52s, which just celebrated their 40th anniversary, recently reached a personal milestone herself, releasing her 1st full length solo album today, Dec.1st 2017.

Wilson first released the solo E.P., Sunrise, in September 2016, followed by a second E.P., Supernatural, on her 60th birthday, February 28th, 2017. If that seems like a lot in the span of 18 months,  Wilson also spent much of the year on the road on a dual American Tour with B-52s and with her solo act to promote Supernatural. Locally she played Zanzabar on June 30th with her solo outfit and again with the B-52s  (with the Louisville Pops orchestra at Whitney Symphony Hall) on October 21st before returning to Zanzabar for a second solo show on November 19th during a tour promoting her new L.P. Change.

Cindy Wilson at Zanzabar 6/30/2017
Of the 10 tracks on the full length, 2 were previously released on the first E.p; Brother and and the title track Sunrise. The first, Brother, is a throw back to the 80s post-industrial era as if Kim Deal had joined The Jesus and Mary Chain. The other, Sunrise, is rooted in the 90s dance club world, much like Deee-Lite in an art-imitates-life-which-imitates-itself, as Deee-Lite's Lady Miss Kier could be seen as a protégé of Wilson.

Change follows Sunrise's recipe of a total split between industrial dance noise and early nineties post-pop dance tracks.  No tracks from the second E.P., Supernatural, made it onto Change, which is notably different than the others; mixing these two genres into a post-noise dance bopper, making Supernatural the most interesting of the three releases. Which is not to say the others are not worth a listen. Change envelopes and slows down the musical themes of Sunrise creating chill-wave tempoed dance club tracks heading into Nu-Disco tropes reminiscent of Drugdealer or Poolside, as evident on the track Things I'd Like To Say. While Supernatural sails back and forth from calm seas to tsunamis, Change keeps the pace through a turbo chilled Post-Adult Contemporary afterparty.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Louisville Is For Lovers Releases 1st Pressings For Original Retail Price

At 12:01 this morning (November 27th) local record label Louisville Is For Lovers gave the city an early Christmas gift; releasing digitally remastered downloads of the Louisville Is For Lovers Valentine's Series vol. 3, 4, and 5 (Volumes 1 & 2 were re-released last year).

Every release has the original album in it's entirety (with contributions from Bonnie 'prince' Billy, My Morning Jacket, Papa M, Tara Jane O'neil, and many others) as well as bonus tracks of alternate song versions, hidden tracks, and/or bonus disc tracks and scans of the original artwork.

 But the big news is that they are also releasing a limited number of the original pressings long thought to be out of stock. The the original hand packaged, numbered CDs, from the original pressings, will be sold for the original retail price at the time of release: $8 (+S&H)! Quantities vary greatly depending on availability.  Each will also come with an immediate download of the digitally remastered reissue with all of the bonus materials.

As part of Louisville Is For Lovers 15th Anniversary in 2016 the label began the process of remastering their entire back catalog and releasing digital versions online. To date  half of their releases (nearing 40 total releases since 2001) are available digitally through their website for $5 or less, and half of the releases are free.

Friday, November 10, 2017

11/11 Veterans Day Music Showcase With Kelly Newton at LFPL Southwest

As part of a Veterans Day event at Louisville Free Public Library Southwest (9725 Dixie Highway), at 2pm Saturday November 11th, local musician Kelly Newton will be performing and releasing her debut album Lady Liberty.

The local community outreach and activist group The Electric Church Of The Tambourine will also be on hand collecting donations for a project to support the Deported Veterans Support House in Tijuana Mexico.
Event  information  here.
More  information  on  the  Electric  Church fund  drive  here.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

New Protest Album by Louisville Hip Hop Artist MC Hijack Released

Today, the 5th of November, The Electric Church Of The Tambourine in an ongoing series with the Louisville is for Lovers label released an album called the Truth Church EP, by longtime Louisville hip hop recording artist MC Hijack (as a part of the electronic music duo Team Totoro) in support of those who fight daily against injustice and inequality. This in an ongoing series of protest and activist music. All releases in this series are FREE of charge.

 This anti-capitalist anthem laden album was created by MC Hijack using the break beat turntablism technique which was the  technique of music making that was the catalyst for the early Bronx incubator of American Hip Hop. Funk, Soul, and Disco were the primary records used in break beating; as what was primarily used on this album.

 Other releases in this series include:
The Gallery Singers 'Power to the Poor' 
Team Totoro 'Democrasexxy: Demand an End To Economic Slavery'

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Give-A-Way: Simply Saucer Show Package

1970s post-Velvet proto-punk/psychedelia rock band from Hamilton, Ontario, Simply Saucer are landing at Kaiju on Wednesday November 8th and we have 2 tickets and a tour shirt to give away! To enter the drawing just share with us a fact about Canada in a comment or send us an email and we will pick a winner on Monday!

Founded by guitarist and vocalist Edgar Breau during the early punk wave of 1970s, Simply Saucer reformed in 2006 and are currently on a U.S. tour joined by Cleveland rocker Craig Bell from the seminal punk groups Rocket From The Tombs, X_____X, and Mirrors. Local favorites Tychoon$ of Teen will be opening.

  Ticket info here.
11/8 Kaiju. $10. 8pm.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Open Call For Artists: Artist In Residence at Louisville Free Public Library

The Louisville Free Public Library is now accepting applications for the 2018 Artist-in-Residence COLLIDER program at the South Central Regional Library in Okolona. All disciplines including visual, performing, written word, music, and beyond will be considered for residency. Visit the LFPL website here for details.

The application deadline is December 1, 2017.

Friday, October 27, 2017

New Release: Alan Poe & Beatnik Dee

A new EP called Composure was released today featuring Kentucky based MC Alan Poe and L.A. producer Beatnick Dee on Below System Records featuring the single "Free My Mind".
The EP also features Cashius Green, Deacon The Villain, Cashus King and Versailles The Everything.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Album Review: Cory Branan "Adios" LP

One could say that Cory Branan was Sturgill Simpson before  Sturgill Simpson. At least before Simpson became a recording artist.

Born in Memphis and raised in Mississippi, Branan cut his teeth during the early Outlaw Revival of the late 1990s and early 2000s with contemporaries like Scott H. Biram and Lucero (although yet to reach the same success or notoriety), self-releasing his first album, The Hell You Say, in 2001 before moving to the now defunct MADJACK Records in 2002 (the same path as Lucero) after which  landing at Bloodshot Records (same as Biram).

Branan's work has always towed the fine line between singer/songwriter and outlaw poet; half Waylon Jennings and half Nick Lowe. His earlier songs also see-sawed between heartbreaking and slapstick, such as the song Crush from his 1st album, with the sweet to goofy lyrics "Remember that Halloween when I went as Jimmy Dean? You were a princess, or a gypsy, or... whatever, I was James Dean! and I had a crush on you."

  His newest, Adios, released in April, is more focused, with the sweet and heartbroken Outlaw moments safely separated from the more goofy tracks instead of whipped up together.
Much like Sturgill Simpson, Branan mixes his southern Appalachian sentiment with southern gospel undertones, as evident on the track Imogene, with its blend of acoustic guitars and electric organ.

On Adios, Branan seems to come to terms with his place just outside of the spotlight in the ever increasing popularity of the Outlaw Revival movement regardless of being on the forefront all those years ago.
Then again with this more thought out offering with honest heartbreakers like Equinox and Cold Blue Moonlight, Adios may just deliver him into the light before long.

Cory Branan will be at Zanzabar on 11/4. $10)

Friday, October 6, 2017

Album Review: Watter 'History Of The Future' LP

In 2014 the Louisville instrumental group Watter broke onto the scene with the highly regarded 7 track "This World" LP on Jeremy DeVine's Temporary Residence record label. The 3 piece band consisting of Multi-instrumentalist Zak Riles (of Grails), drummer Britt Walford (of Evergreen, Breeders), and Tyler Trotter embody an indie rock supergroup; emboldened by their 2015 conceptual album with Bonnie "prince" Billy, The Devil Is People, under the name Bonnie Stillwatter.

Watter's place in Louisville music history will be solidified when their 2nd LP, History Of The Future is released on October 20th (also on Temporary Residence).

 At its core History builds on the lightly woven soundscape laid out on This World but is more dynamic sonically; borrowing from many genres including math rock, jazz, dream pop, electronic, and classical among others. "History" also takes on qualities of a film score; as if David Lynch and John Carpenter made a soundtrack backed by The Drift  and produced by Johnny Jewel (Symmetry, Chromatics).

The first 3 tracks are heavily influenced by Carpenter, especially the opener Telos, and mirror the soundtracks to Halloween or Assault On Precinct 13 with driving deep bass tones and ominous synthesizers before the album reaches a melodic center and settles into the calm Watter tones found on This World.

The list of guest appearances on History are a venerable Who's Who of Louisville legends, including Dom Cipola (Phantom Family Halo),  Todd Cook (Jaye Jayle), Nathan Salsburg, and Rachel Grimes (Rachel's). Grimes influence is especially present on the last track, Final Sunrise, an uplifting piano driven track that would be right at home on one of Grimes' solo efforts.

Overall, History Of The Future takes the listener on a sonic tour of the instrumentalist playbook, incorporating audio clips, live instrumentation, and a plethora of synthesized emotions. History is a must have for fans of Louisville's early 1990s experimental heyday and will no doubt find it's place on many End-of-the-Year critics lists. 

Order here

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

10/19: Amplify Peace at Faulkner Gallery

Amplify Peace: Saving Syrian Lives is a multi-city tour that aims to increase awareness of the humanitarian crisis in Syria and help gather support and resources to save the lives of Syrians affected by war. The tour kicks off on October 19th at the Tim Faulkner Gallery featuring Arab American artists Omar Offendum, Bassel & The Supernaturals, Kayem, Ronnie Malley & the Turath Ensemble and DJ Bella Loki and is sponsored by the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).

Monday, October 2, 2017

10/7: The Lone Bellow at Headliners

 The Brooklyn/Nashville group Lone Bellow, fronted by singer Zach Williams is returning to Louisville on October 7 to play at Headliners Music Hall in support of their latest album, "Walk Into a Storm," which was just released Friday September 15th.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

New Release: Kendall Elijah Dynamite & House Ghost EP

Louisville Kentucky's own Kendall Elijah Dynamite just released a mini EP called sistersingles featuring fellow Louisville musicians House Ghost.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Review: Frankie Cosmos at Zanzabar

On September 25th, the relatively new band called Frankie Cosmos played at Zanzabar in Louisville Kentucky to a packed house. An amazing feat for any music group on a Monday night, much less a band that until recently only had a  presence on bandcamp that was limited to low-fi bedroom recordings.

The band Frankie Cosmos grew out of the solo work of 23 year old Greta Kline who began uploading songs she had written and recorded in her bedroom at the age of 15. In under 10 years Kline has released over 50 albums (all but 2 being digital only releases), first under the name Ingrid Superstar (her dogˈs name) and later as Frankie Cosmos; a nickname given to her by her boyfriend Aaron Maine.

Klineˈs earliest efforts resembled that of an audio diary accompanied by simple guitar riffs or chords from a childrenˈs keyboard. Her nearly unprecedented amount of  work in such a short amount of time gained her a loyal bandcamp fanbase that watched a young Klineˈs life unfold.  For those of us who kept track of her work over the years, we listened as Kline the musician  evolved from simple rhythms to her first attempts at guitar solos, into fully layered and structured songs. As a person we listened as she moved into adulthood through her deeply personal unfiltered songwriting. Her earliest songs revolved around issues that tweens deal with; nervousness about sexual identity and societal pressures, getting high, farts. Slowly she moved into the confusing world of adult problems... We listened as her world opened up, as she experimented with drugs and sex,  we listened to her fall deeply in love, and we also listened helplessly as her young heart was broken, and we stayed with her as she picked up the pieces.

I first came across her music by sheer accident about 4 years ago or so. I was working as a librarian in Appalachia, which, isn't as glamorous as it sounds; mostly just sitting at a desk in an office type setting which is just the worst kind of way to spend your days. So I mostly bounced around the online music platforms and came across a playlist that someone had made about New York which included the Frankie Cosmos song NYC is Cold from the superb 8 song 'im sorry im hi lets go' album and was instantly hooked.

In 2014 Kline moved from the singer/songwriter role into a full band aided by her boyfriend Aaron Maine for her first physical release Zentropy. It was at that time that she began using her real name Greta Kline and used the name Frankie Cosmos as the bandˈs name. This was a big step for someone who had chosen to stay anonymous and built a following on her talent and dedication instead of trading on the family name (she is the daughter of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates).

Last year Frankie Cosmos released Next Thing to wide acclaim solidifying their status as a serious band with serious talent, and not just a novelty.
Ian Sweet (Jilian Medford)

On Monday night Frankie Cosmos the band took the stage at 9:45, After a exemplary set by Kline protege Ian Sweet (AKA Jilian Medford), with a selection of songs from Next Thing (which is a collection of full band renditions of earlier Cosmos work) such as On The Lips, Floated In, Sinister, and Fool.  Kline, in full-on 'confidently awkward' form introduced the entire band as well as herself as Greta (thus solidifying the recent choice to separate herself from character in her songs) and making the mistake of asking how to pronounce Louisville as the crowd offered a million answers all at once, while taking off her baggy sweater and looked down at herself and said "um, yes, I am wearing a child's shirt. I wish I had left my sweater on. That's ok, be your best self" before diving into  more tracks from Next Thing (What If and the dream pop ear candy Outside With the Cuties).

Frankie Cosmos merch table

Despite having 50+ albums to choose from, the band stuck mostly to tracks from the 2 physical releases, such as My I Love You and I Do Too from Zentropy, and some of the more popular tracks from Next Thing like Sappho and Is It Possible/Sleep Song as the cheering crowd excitedly sang the last line "I guess I just make myself the victim like you said,  that's why when you treat me shitty you get mad. It all makes sense now, thanks so much. Goodbye forever, what the fuck!"

There were a few exceptions at the end of the performance, including a new song introduced as 'this is a brand new song, so please don't record it." (so I did not record it), and an extremely fast paced version of Being Alive from 2014's Affirms Glinting (This song I did record).  Right before they played the song Greta announced to the band and to her friends in the opening act, Nice Try, that she always meant to ask them to sing the chorus but always forgot and asked if they could try it despite never practicing it, and to the crowd's and Greta's delight bandmates Lauren Martin and Luke Pyensonn obliged, as well as Madeline Robinson, from Nice Try, who ran up from the crowd for her turn at the chorus, making a perfect ending to a perfect monday night show.

Frankie Cosmos: Greta Kline (Left), David Maine (Center),
Luke Pyensonn (Right) and Lauren Martin (not pictured)
Listen to 37FLOOD's top 20 Frankie Cosmos songs here.

Monday, September 25, 2017

10/7: BOA & Church Friends at Zanzabar

Louisville band BOA will be playing an album release show at Zanzabar on October 7th. Church Friends  will be opening.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

20 Frankie Cosmos songs you should know before she plays at Zbar on 9/25

23 year old Frankie Cosmos (a.k.a Greta, the daughter of  Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates) has released over 50 albums. Here are just 20 tracks you should know before she plays Zanzabar this monday (all ages. 8pm. Get tix here).

Friday, September 15, 2017

9/16: Humans vs Zombies, Vinyl Swap, and Local Brews at ReSurfaced

ReSurfaced is partnering with Louisville Zombie Attack this Saturday September 16th for a game of Zombies vs. Humans. Winners can win a Louisville Zombie Attack Prize Box and other prizes throughout the games (Game Rules found here).

The event  begins with a Vinyl Swap Market starting at 6 pm with raffles of classic Louisville albums. DJ sets with Cal & John, hosts of WCHQ's 'Monday Night On The Hill' on 100.9FM Radio.

Against The Grain Brewery will be serving up some of Louisville's finest brews and 502 cafe will be serving a variety of beverages including Coopers' Craft Bourbon. Heine Brothers' Coffee Airstream will be on hand as well. Free and open to the public. 319 S. Shelby st. 6-11pm.

Monday, September 11, 2017

9/28: Sylvan Esso at Mercury

Sylvan Esso will be performing at Mercury Ballroom on Thursday September 28th in support of their new album 'What Now?'

Friday, August 25, 2017

8/29 Louisville Zombie Attack @ Zanzabar

As many long time supporters of Louisville Zombie Attack know, They have been battling against an imposter walk over the last couple years that has a very similar name and hosts it's walk 3 days before Zombie Attack traditionally holds theirs (8:29pm on 8/29) at Eastern Parkway & Bardstown rd (where Zombie Attack has always held theirs). A lawsuit against the new zombie walk is ongoing and the original Zombie Attack has had to be creative to continue their long standing tradition in Louisville, while being forced out of their traditional walk path.

So Louisville Zombie Attack has decided to turn their event into a funeral, stating on their website ''If you want to destroy a cherished Louisville Holiday on 8/26, we'll throw you a funeral 3 days later''; so on Tuesday, August 29th (Zombie Attack Day), at Zanzabar will be the

Events start at 6 pm at Zanzabar with the Never Nervous Presents the George A. Romero Tribute Double Feature Matinee  and dinner specials (under 21 permitted) followed by Michael Hartman’s Walking Dead Split Flipper Pinball Tourney at 10pm. Live entertainment starts at 9pm in the Dead Forest room by ClownvisTony RobotSeason Of the Witch, and Sick Little Things (Alice Cooper Tribute Band).

Also there will be a prize raffle at 11pm with all proceeds going to the 'We Gon' Be Alright' mural project (there is also an online Mural Project Crowdsourcing Campaign).

There will also be a Costume Contest at 11pm. Categories include: 'Best Funeral Attire' 'Best Couple In Mourning' & 'Best Looking Corpse' (prizes provided by Ratterman Funeral Home).

Raffle Prizes donated by Michael Hartman & Louisville Pinball Association,  Never Nervous,  Guestroom RecordsNew Wave BurritosLouisville Is For Lovers and more.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

8/26: Cut Family Foundation CD release show at Outerspace

The Cut Family Foundation is releasing a new full-length CD, Funky Public, on Gubbey Records. The release show is on August 26th, 8 pm, at Galaxie/Outerspace. It's only $8 and includes a free copy of Funky Public.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

8/6 biographer Erin Osmon speaks about Jason Molina at Guestroom

Music writer Erin Osmon, biographer of musician Jason Molina, will be reading from her new book "Riding With The Ghost" at Guestroom Records (1806 Frankfort Ave) this Sunday August 6th at 1pm. There will also be DJs playing Molina's work from Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co. and other guests as well.
Read our review of Osmon's Riding With The Ghost here.

Event information here.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

7/29: PotterPalooza at the Louisville Free Public Library Main Branch

For everyone who has listed 'Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft' as your alma mater on Facebook, head down to the Louisville Free Public Library this Saturday July 29, from 2:00 to 8:00 p.m. for PotterPalooza (301 York Street), in honor of Harry Potter's Birthday (which is technically July 31st).

The event claims to have everything Harry Potter, a Diagon Alley exhibit, a Muggle Museum,  magical craft making, broomstick flying lessons, Quidditch, and more.

Activities for younger fans will take place from 2 to 5 p.m., and activities for older kids, teens, and adults will take place from 6 to 8 p.m. Carmichael’s Kids will be selling books from the series during the event. And of course, everyone is invited to dress as their favorite character from the world of Harry Potter. FREE.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Interview: Phillip Olympia of Never Nervous

As part of 37FLOOD's 10th Anniversary we have asked Louisville writers to talk about music, Louisville, culture, and what it's like writing about it all in the Derby City. We will be posting the interviews throughout the summer.

Phillip Olympia is the founder of the Louisville music & entertainment blog Never Nervous, which he began in 2011. He is also a musician and operator of Dunkenstien Records

37- What is the name of the publication you write for?

PO- Never Nervous, obviously named after Louisville Basketball legend Never Nervous Pervis Ellison.

37- How long has it been operating?

PO- I started Never Nervous in 2011 as a sort of excuse to keep in touch with music in Louisville. The band I was in at the time had just broken up, and considering there wasn’t another band for me on the horizon I figured this would be a good way to contribute to the “scene”.

37- How long have you been covering music in Louisville?

PO- I’ve only been “covering” music since 2011, but I’ve been personally documenting it since the late 90’s by purchasing tapes, CDs and records from countless bands thanks to likeminded friends that introduced me to bands like Bodyhammer, Elliott, Seaside Panel and By the Grace of God when I was a teenager.

37- What made you decide to cover music in Louisville?

PO- To start, Bryan Volz and Louisville Hardcore were a major inspiration behind Never Nervous. I loved what he did, I loved his passion, but wanted to expand beyond Louisville’s heavier side.

In short, I just fucking love this city and it’s weird collection of artists and musicians. I haven’t been actively playing music in a while, so as a spectator, how could I not? I’m never bored in Louisville as a fan of music, and I don’t see that ever changing.

37- What has been the most exciting or rewarding  post you have written?

PO- That’s an impossible question to answer. I’ve gotten all-the-way-hard writing about all sorts of things, whether it be reminiscing about Bodyhammer’s “Die Young Amplifiers” album, interviewing Will Oldham about his Merle Haggard covers record, or telling people how awesome Rec Bar was when they first opened. Just about every thing I post about is a boner for me, and if it wasn’t I wouldn’t write about it.

37- Has there been a scandalous situation you have been involved with during your time as a music writer?

PO- Shit, John.. I don’t think I’ve ever written anything scandalous or controversial, aside from a few record reviews that weren’t 100% positive where the band/artist put me/NN on blast for not falling in love with their project. But that’s not really news as a “music writer” right? Sometimes you love it, sometimes you don’t, but there’s almost always something to appreciate from a genuine artistic output, right? Yes, I’m right.

37- What Local music publications or writers do you keep up with?

PO- I mean, all of them? I guess? LEO still turns me on to some cool shit and is a killer hip hop blog. I’ve actually been subscribed to the 37Flood e-mail list for years. But to be honest, I spend so much time in the Never Nervous e-mail inbox sorting through this and that figuring out what’s what that I don’t have much time to get to much else aside from clicking links on social media. The only blog that I anxiously comb through on a daily basis is Bloody Disgusting, because duh, it’s awesome.

37- What are some of your favorite events you have covered?

PO- Man, covering last year’s Days of the Dead horror convention was a fucking blast. Meeting the cast from Return of the Living Dead and a bunch of other horror icons (like Sid Haig!) was so much fun. I know that’s not related to music, but hot damn, that was a great time.

Aside from that, Poorcastle is always a blast, as is Forecastle. I also had a great time hanging out at last year’s Louisville Arcade Expo, especially when Bit Brigade performed their version of the soundtrack to Mega Man II as a speed runner blew through the game while remaining in sync with the band. It was nuts!

37- What do you see in the future for Louisville Music?

PO- In the near future I see Louisville’s hip hop scene continue to blossom as a unique community unlike any other. I feel like acts such as James Lindsey, Touch AC, 1200, Shadowpact, Goodbar & RMLLW2LLZ (to name a few) are so fucking brilliant; I’m proud to walk on some of the same dirt as those dudes for sure.

Aside from that, who the hell knows? I like being surprised, I prefer to not prognosticate. Every week something awesome arrives in our inbox, or something brilliant will surface on Bandcamp or Soundcloud (although Soundcloud sucks, I wish people would stop using it).

In closing, I love this god damned town, warts, farts and all. I love the noise, I love the food, I love the beer, I love the fun. Never stop being awesome, Louisville.